Retention, Technology, Programming and Fitness Studio Help at the Club Industry Show

Club Industry Show Welcome Reception
Club Industry invites the fitness community to get together with each other, attend multiple networking events, visit the exhibit hall and attend education sessions at this year's Club Industry Show Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago.

We've already shared with you some of the educational opportunities awaiting you related to personal and active training, marketing, wellnesssales and leadership when you attend next week's Club Industry Show. But there are so many other opportunities awaiting you if you jump on this last-minute chance to attend the show Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago. If you are already signed up to attend, we encourage you to register in advance for specific sessions, particularly the limited lunch sessions. Here are some of the other tracks offered, plus the great sessions available in each. (And remember that you can earn CEUs/CECs for each of these.)


One of the biggest failings for most health club operators of any type is retention. The conference program offers 10 sessions on the topic of retention, including three sessions from Paul Bedford, The Retention Guru. Bedford will show you how to calculate retention, attrition and exercise adherence in his first session. His second session compares how commercial clubs, nonprofits and universities are doing with retention—and what each market can learn from the others. The last session focuses on the words you should use when you interact with members to help retain them. Bedford shares more in this video below.

Other retention sessions include:

Keep the Change: Step-by-Step Retention Program

Make Member Experience Your Competitive Edge

Results Equal Retention: Stop Selling the Wrong Thing

Staffing, Operations and Technology in Non-Profits for Member Engagement

Member Experience: Making Our Staff and Members Our Brand Ambassadors

Small Markets: Developing a Strong Club Culture to Increase Retention

Technology and Trends

Technology has become a bigger part of the fitness experience, and trends show that that will continue into the future. Find out how what you need to know about technology and trends so you can operate your fitness facility so it stands apart from the competition. Attend the Technology and Trends track. We are particularly excited that Motionsoft, one of the sponsors of the track, was able to secure Dan Cath, partnerships lead for Reserve with Google, to speak on this topic:

How Online Bookings Are Changing the Health Club World

The other sesssions in the track are:

How to Use Technology to Build Relationships and Loyalty with Members

Technology Train Wrecks: Tips on How to Avoid Making Bad Tech Investments

The Current Status of Wearable and Fitness Tech

Internet Marketing: Websites, Lead Generation & 2017-18 Trends for the Modern Fitness Gym

Industry Trends and Future Proofing Your Business with Expanded Capabilities

Futurecasting Technology and the Gym of 2020

7 Ways Wearable Technology Can Increase Member Net Promoter Scores

Motivating Member Behavior with Technology


If you are involved in programming at your club, make sure to check out the sessions in the Programming track. These sessions include:

How to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally with Exercise

Small Group Training: Programming for Member and Revenue Success

Raise the Bar with Programs for People with Autism, Dementia and Rehab Special Needs

Medical Fitness Certification: How to Get Physician Referrals with Programs

Stealing Studio Strategies to Maximize Your Group X Program

Video on Demand: The Technological Shift That Should Worry Fitness Professionals

See Jane & John Run: Starting a Running Program in Your Club

Fitness Studios

Again this year, Club Industry has teamed with the Association of Fitness Studios to bring studio operators four sessions specific to them. The Fitness Studio track sessions are:

Research, Trends & KPIs: What Your Studio Needs to Know to Thrive

Creating Wow! Factors That Enhance the Customer Experience and Generate More Referrals

Earn More and Feel Great About It

Creating Your Studio Identity


We also encourage you to attend these exhibitor-presented seminars:

Commercial Fitness Operators: Leveraging the Consumer Fitness Groundswell

How Your Communication Strategy is Costing You Money Instead of Making It

So take a moment now to register for this year's Club Industry Show before you miss out on all these opportunities. Go here to register

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