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You probably already know that if you expect to hold on to your vehicle much longer than its warranty period, you need to invest in regular, consistent, quality service and to ensure that you get the most out of that vehicle for the longest time possible. This is no different for your fitness equipment. 

Recent data suggest that operators are holding on to their equipment longer than the 2-4 year warranties offered. This trend has prompted a real, honest discussion about the importance of regular service and maintenance and the increasing value of investing in strong maintenance plans to help get you to that next refresh point. These services aren’t just add-ons any more – they’re the building blocks for a successful operation. Service and maintenance plans are a way to protect your investment, save you cash, and give you peace of mind. We’ve convened a panel of Precor experts to help you understand the how and why.

During this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn from service industry experts regarding maintaining your equipment from install to trade-in to ensure your equipment value is maximized at re-sale. You will hear directly from a tenured service technician on the biggest mistakes he sees in a facility and what he wishes every facility would do to protect their equipment.  You may even be surprised to see that the steps you are taking to service your equipment might not be the most you can do to safeguard your equipment.


  • Allen Gillet is senior business development manager at Precor. During his six year tenure at Precor, Gillet has been dedicated to promoting service offerings and customer satisfaction for Precor customers globally. Prior to his time at Precor, he spent 12 years at Best Buy/Geeksquad running 3 Service Centers and In-home Service for Northern California-Alaska.
  • Kristin Cox is business development representative at Precor Fitness, where she serves commercial customers looking to protect their investments with post-warranty service and maintenance agreements. A Seattle native and graduate of Western Washington University, she has worked in a wide variety of industries, including entertainment, video production, K-12 education sales, law enforcement, healthcare sales, and fitness.
  • Wes Macomber – Service Technician


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