Today, Technology Is Omipresent in Fitness

In the early days of the fitness industry, the technology most commonly used at a health club or YMCA was the treadmills, stationary bikes and maybe the AV system in the group exercise room (at that time called the aerobics room). It likely seemed quite advanced back then, but now, it seems almost quaint.

Today, technology abounds at health clubs but starts even before anyone enters your doors —  your email marketing, your social media platforms, and your website (where you may use chatbots) and app where you likely offer online joining and/or class booking.

And speaking of your front door, you may or may not have key card access, but at the front desk, you likely have some sort of automated check-in, whether it be a card swipe, biometric entry, turnstiles or something else.

Once inside, you may have a security system, kiosks for people to join, automated checkouts at your café or pro shop, electronic locks on your lockers, closed-circuit cameras in your childcare area, digital signage, internet-connected cardio equipment, virtual reality offerings, gamification options, on-demand classes and leaderboards in your group exercise rooms, and more.

And all of this doesn’t even include the billing software, customer management systems, equipment monitoring systems and other behind-the-scenes technology that you use.

It seems almost anywhere you go in a health club, YMCA, studio or university rec center today, you are met with some type of technology. And that technology has, in general, improved the customer experience and made operation of your facility more efficient and profitable.

Club Industry’s latest white paper looks at how prevalent technology is today and will be in the future, how to develop a system for selecting the right technology for your facility, and how technology has impacted sales and marketing, recovery, and design. It includes articles from sponsors ABC Fitness, Fitness On Demand, Les Mills US, Myzone, Precor, Twin Oaks and Virtuagym.  

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