Watch for a New Look on Club Industry's Website, Coming Soon

The new Club Industry website will feature an infinite scroll, easier access to content, options for sponsored videos within articles and more.

Later this month, you will start noticing something that you may find a bit odd when you come to the Club Industry website. Sometimes, in fact, you may wonder whether you are truly on the Club Industry website. That's because we are in the midst of moving our website onto a new platform, which means debuting a new look at  

As part of this process, we will be testing the new site on a small number of our website visitors each day starting in mid-March. So one day, you may see the current website, and the next day you might see the new website, only to find that the third time you visit, you might see the old website again.

Don't get confused. You aren't being tricked into visiting a fake website. It's still us. I shared a preview of the new website design in the screen shot above so you can be prepared.  

In the end, the new design will allow you to more easily navigate through the website, provide an infinite scroll and more easily access our news content, webinars and educational videos.

So be on the lookout for these changes. We hope the back and forth, which should last two to three weeks, will not cause too much whiplash or concern. 

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