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ERC Wiping Products Inc. offers presaturated Equipment and Surface Wipes as a beneficial, low-cost and effective solution to keep your sports club, health or fitness center safe and clean. The 9-inch-by-7-inch wipes are manufactured using the same formula as other leading brands. The wipes are packaged two rolls to a case with 900 sheets per roll. Equipment Wipe rolls conveniently fit into all dispensers, including bucket, wall mount, stainless steel and other style floor dispensers. The easy-dispensing Equipment Wipes make it simple to remove sweat and grime from most common surfaces. The wipes are safe to use on padded and rubber surfaces, metal plating, tanning beds and electronic panels.

Contact: ERC Wiping Products Inc.; phone: 800-225-9473;


Octane Fitness LLC released the xRide seated elliptical to broaden exercise choices for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. The xRide delivers the benefits of a standing elliptical — total-body, low-impact cardiovascular workouts — from a comfortable seated position. Its elliptical power stroke provides a greater range of motion and increased glute activity than that experienced on recumbent bikes. Pedaling forward or in reverse adds variety and different muscle activity, and the upper body is engaged fully with the ergonomically designed, proprietary MultiGrip handlebars.

Contact: Octane Fitness LLC; phone: 847-638-1582;


In the 2010 edition of the Perform Better catalog, you'll find a selection of jump ropes, including leather, nylon and licorice ropes, all of which are priced from $4.95 to $14.95. All are 9 feet long. Nylon and leather ropes have wooden handles, and the licorice rope, which is faster, has contoured handles. Other types of jump ropes are also available, including weighted ropes, power ropes and super speed ropes.

Contact: Perform Better; phone: 800-556-7464;


Bison's new Centerline Elite Sand Volleyball System puts all the features of Bison's Centerline Elite indoor system on the sand court: easy set-up, superior net tensioning, stainless steel hardware, even the 26:1 worm gear winch and posts with lifetime warranties. Weatherproof features include stainless steel hardware and exclusive TwistLock removable stainless steel sand sockets. TwistLock sockets eliminate the problems of water or sand filling the sockets and sockets protruding above the sand surface. These same 3-inch Centerline posts can be used on indoor gym courts without modifications.

Contact: Bison Inc.; phone: 800-247-7668;


TRUBLUE Auto Belays launched a new modular auto belay designed specifically for the climbing industry. The result of more than four years of research, development and testing, the TRUBLUE auto belay uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system to provide climbing wall operators with advanced technology and flexibility, as well as minimal maintenance requirements and costs. In addition, it offers reliability with no sacrificial wearing parts and has no clutch bearing, thus eliminating a key potential point of failure.

Contact: TRUBLUE Auto Belays; phone: 303-447-0512;


Skinny Water beverages are enhanced waters that do more than just refresh. A true “aqua-ceutical,” Skinny Water starts with super-purified water and adds a unique combination of electrolytes (calcium and potassium) along with EGCG, an extract of green tea, to promote hydration and nutrient absorption. Building on this base formula, each flavor of Skinny Water adds other nutraceutical enhancements, such as SuperCitriMax and ChromeMate, for jitter-free appetite control. The water can make for an ideal pro shop item for your members.

Contact: Skinny Water; phone: 610-784-2000;

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