Thin Walls


It‘s the third day of the show, and boy am I feeling it. You always think traveling for work is going to be fun, and generally it is, but after a few days of little sleep, lots of walking and tons of schmoozing, it can wear a girl down.

Take for example my less than restful Wednesday night. At about midnight, I woke to someone trying to use their keycard to get into my room, mistaking 12-117 for their own. After that got my adrenaline going, I was then unable to get back to sleep. So, I lay there, willing myself to sleep, until I started to hear raised voices from the room next door. As the voices got louder and the couple started arguing more intensely, I got up to put my ear against the door to see what was up. I was just about to call security though, when I heard a piano being played. Then more shouts. Then more piano. After a couple of confused moments, I realized the people next door were watching a movie.


I then laughed myself to sleep.

Then, Thursday night I couldn‘t fall asleep, exhausted as I was. It‘s like the entire trade show was still going in my head - all the music, the hum of the treadmills, the sound of instructors leading spin classes. I think I finally conked out at midnight and was up bright and early at 6 am for today‘s early morning workouts.

However, as sleepy as I was, I definitely perked up after some coffee and a meeting with Octane Fitness. There, I tried out their latest elliptical which has some really cool interval programs.

Next up was some weight lifting over at the Star Trac booth. The company partnered with Koko, and I spent about 30 minutes with Koko, a piece of equipment with an interactive digital personal trainer. “Koko” knew his/her stuff.

I finished my workout with a quick 15 minutes on Cybex‘s Arc Trainers, one of my favorite pieces of equipment because it makes you feel like you‘re walking on the moon.

Because, I‘m flying out of Chicago this evening and returning back home to Kansas City, I know I‘ll get a good night‘s rest in my own bed, but I‘m not sure I can say the same about my everyday workouts. The show may be exhausting, but you sure do get fit! --Jennipher

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