Eight Tips for Implementing a Successful Member Retention Program


1. Create a synergic relationship between the personal training and programming departments and the fitness manager.

2. Proactively ask the members how they’re doing and what you can do to better serve them.

3. Give out a team bonus to reward employees for an increase in the retention rate.

4. Offer a frequent user program to your members to encourage them to attend group exercise classes regularly, visit the day spa or buy drinks at the juice bar.

5. Keep your sales and customer service teams separate by hiring employees to service members during and after a sale.

6. Front-line employees, who are often the first point of contact for members, need to be trained to read between the lines and be empowered to help solve a member’s problem.

7. Rather than e-mailing or mailing a member survey, ask your front-desk staff to ask the members a few questions, record their answers and look for ways to actively address their suggestions.

8. Hire sales and service team members who have good listening skills, a sense of empathy, look people in the eye and have a strong handshake.

Source: Bob Esquerre, Esquerre Fitness Group

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