Millennials Lead All Physical Activity Categories in Recent PAC Study

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Do younger Americans really tend to be more physically active than older generations? The answer by and large is yes, according to the Physical Activity Council's recently released 2018 Participation Report, with a few caveats.

The survey split generations into five categories, from "active to a healthy level" (most active) to "inactive" (least active).

Although almost half of all Millennials (age 19 to 38) participated in high-caloric activities, approximately a quarter remained sedentary. Approximately 65 percent of Generation Z (age 6 to 18) were at least casually active in 2017, the report said. Generation X (age 39 to 53) was generally less active than Millennials while still maintaining "healthy" activity levels.

Baby Boomers generally remained flat in all activity categories from 2016 and again reported the highest levels of inactivity.

View this clickable gallery for a full breakdown of each generation across the five activity levels.

For more insight from the report regarding non-exercisers, click here.

To view the complete report, click here.

Millennials Lead All Physical Activity Categories in Recent PAC Study

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