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Over the past month we all felt the need to get to know how to use online-format of training, to maintain customer and coaching loyalty. Along with that we understood that we need to make decisions very quickly: to conduct live training sessions and to post classes on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms. To save precious time we need to answer following questions:  

  • How to control the access to posts and broadcasts?
  • How to avoid copying paid content?
  • How to organize  payment and paid access on different platforms

Each club answers these questions in its own way. We at FitnessKit are constantly searching for new answers and ways, analyze experience. After the first wave of quick solutions comes the second, consisting of finished products, that take into account the experience and difficulties that pioneers encountered.

Alexander Rogachev, Commercial Director and one of the FitnessKit founders shares his opinion:

As we can see now fitness-industry is dealing with forced digitalization, which, according to our forecasts, was to happen later. Preconditions existed for a long time, but it looks like that none of the market players had time to prepare for the Black Swan’s 2020.

Yet we can only suppose what will happen to our industry after this storm. We are adjusting our plans for the next 2020-2021 season. One of our assumptions is an increase in the share of accumulated information and unique content in the assets of an average fitness club, so now it is necessary to invest in the creating of the club’s digital ecosystem, and the development of content and channels for its implementation in particular.

Today, we are just complementing the FitnessKit digital ecosystem with a content distribution module. Video training is available in the club application without switching to other platforms. Content in the application is protected from downloading and is not limited in duration. Thanks to PIN-code protection, you can control access to your training: only club clients, holders of a specific card, or online-paid package owners. At the same time, we avoid the gap between payment and viewing content: everything happens in one place - in your club FitnessKit application.

The module was launched in pilot mode in two fitness clubs and will soon become available to everyone in Eastern Europe. After that we are going to offer this product on USA market.

So now FitnessKit is looking for strategic partner on market represented by the club system as Club Automation, eFitness, exerp or others for integrating their out-of-box mobile solutions with club software. For details send a request on the FitnessKit e-mail: [email protected]

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