Introducing "Your Performance Journey: Performance Training and The Evolution of Exercise Science"


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ALBANY, N.Y., Nov. 01, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In the past few years, boutique fitness is booming in the health and wellness industry. At the forefront of this trend is time-saving high-intensity interval training as well as the safety and efficiency of natural movement, kettlebells, and performance training.

Plaza Fitness Performance, and Founder/CEO Korey McCoy, M.S., have been getting great results for thousands of clients with these techniques driven within a systematic approach.

Korey's new book, "Your Performance Journey: Performance Training and The Evolution of Exercise Science" introduces the framework responsible for duplicating great results for those who follow it. Your Performance Journey moves the industry beyond specific exercises and random workouts and into a conversation regarding proven systems that move the body the way the body was designed to move.

Your Performance Journey promises per session progression for an immediate gratification society. It solves the challenge of personalizing the fitness experience by creating focus and delivering quick wins. The system is delivered through 7 strength bands, 21 milestones, and consistent checkpoints that clients can progress through to predictably become healthy and fit. The unique mechanism that personalizes and guarantees progression is found within each milestone's specific assessment, such as hip/core sequencing of the white strength band, spine/shoulder function of the yellow strength band, ankle/squat patterning of the green strength band, proficient movement, body composition adaptation and skill development of the blue strength band, higher level kettlebell skills and greater strength/power of the red strength band, peak performance and injury resilience of the orange strength band, and finally sport specificity, appreciating the practice, and setting an example for others of the black strength band.

To encourage people in developing a performance training practice we have created an online personal training platform that enables clients to follow a personalized program with the support and guidance of a coach. Anyone can practice performance training in the convenience of their own home through the online personal training platform using Your Performance Journey.

Explore our online personal training program for the first month free.

Contact Korey McCoy for comments, interviews, seminars, or to access the program.

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