Growth of Flywheel Training Ignites Innovation


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Stockholm, SWEDEN - Today, Exxentric announced an upgraded and expanded line of flywheel training devices, already widely known for the kBox device.

The new product line includes two entirely new products, the kPulley and the kBox4 Active, along with important updates to their existing products, the kBox4 Lite and the kBox4 Pro, including its app-based wireless feedback system the kMeter.

With this release, Exxentric has not only upgraded its training technology but also made the entry-level cost of their products more accessible and added a device providing a new category of horizontal exercise possibilities with their flywheel training solution.

Already well known in the sports, medical and fitness industries, with customers ranging from professional athletes and physiotherapy scholars to renown supermodels, Exxentric is regarded as the global front-runner of flywheel training with +60,000 followers on social media and customers in 60 countries.

Exxentric’s CEO, Erik Lindberg comments on today’s release:

"It’s with a grateful nod to all the early adopters of flywheel training on the kBox that we now launch a range of new and upgraded products. We’ve always had a close relationship with the users at Exxentric, which has again led to greatly improved specs. Technology which once used to be deployed only by elite professionals is now made available to a much broader audience.

With an abundance of research supporting the benefits of strength training, it’s particularly satisfying to offer new smart tools and effective methods which do not only help improve athletic performance but also facilitate health and fitness for the general public."

About Exxentric:

Exxentric is a company based in Sweden focusing on developing innovative equipment for strength training and rehabilitation, based on flywheel training to boost the results for all clients of professional trainers such as strength and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists and personal trainers.

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