Fit3D Launches ProScanner v4.0


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Fit3D is closing out 2017 with one of the most innovative years ever. Here is a quick recap:

January, 2017: Fit3D launches the automated posture analysis module, which allows users and facility staff to expand their use of Fit3D from another body composition tool to a total body wellness assessment solution.

September, 2017: Fit3D completely revamped the staff reports with the launch of the Success Hub. The Success Hub allows the facility staff easy access to client information, PARQs (which are digitally stored), and the ability to utilize Fit3D to standardize the membership or personal training sales process, which are now built around Fit3D.

September, 2017: Fit3D launched its 4th version of its 2-compartment body composition algorithm. Fit3D partnered with Mount Sinai and the HD2i research arm, to produce a new anthropometric body fat algorithm utilizing several thousand scans where data has been correlated with DXA body composition scans.

November, 2017: Fit3D launched ProScanner V4.0, which showcases some major changes. As Fit3D continues to provide its services around the globe, it is proud to launch the most technically advanced and innovative 3D body scanner yet.

Mechanical Upgrades:

  • 3 stationary cameras instead of 1 sliding camera, which provides more consistent scan coverage
  • 10% smaller ProScanner footprint, which allows it to fit into smaller spaces
  • The camera tower folds down to a height of 35.5" as opposed to 86" for ProScanner v3.2, which makes transporting the scanner much easier
  • Use of a laptop instead of a tablet with an integrated stand to provide a sleek look and enhanced customer experience.

Data Enhancements:

  • 2+ times higher resolution for each 3D scan
  • Additional accuracy in measurements
  • Additional precision of measurements

Continuing with many fantastic features:

  • Integrated 4-point weight scale: ProScanner v4.0 includes a 4-point weight scale to automatically capture total body weight and balance from right/left and heels/toes
  • Safety and Liability: Fit3D has been tested to comply with internationally recognized standards for safety and emissions, is certified EN 60950, is CE and FCC marked, and is certified for users up to 500 lbs
  • Handles: Allow for fully self administered scans in complete privacy. Adjustable and locking handles increase scan quality, measurement accuracy, and ensure a minimal loss of balance
  • Turntable: Only 3 inches high, and always in a locked position, even when the power is off.

About Fit3D: Fit3D designs, builds, and distributes its ProScanner technology for a one-stop wellness assessment solution for the wellness industry.  With a single 35-second scan, Fit3D provides a user with a 3D body scan, hundreds of measurements, body composition analysis, body shape analysis, weight, balance, and posture analysis.

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