Chuze Fitness Demonstrates Commitment to Self-Care with September Rebrand


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SAN DIEGO, CA (September 3, 2019) — Chuze Fitness, an accessible-to-all fitness club with over 30 locations across the western United States, announces a company-wide rebrand from “Chuze Fitness” to “CHUZE SELF-CARE.” Designating September to align with Self-Care Awareness Month, Chuze will roll out a series of activations to dispel myths, reframe perspectives, educate members, and generate awareness surrounding the importance of practicing self-care. With these added amenities for September, the benefits of membership will be taken a step further, meeting this national awareness month through direct, company-wide activities. Chuze Self-Care will be spearheaded by Director of Education and Culture, Farel Hruska, who has over 20 years of experience in the wellness space. 

“It’s apparent in today’s world that self-care takes a back seat, and we’re often trying to pour from an empty cup,” said Hruska. “We are all guilty of putting our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health on the back burner, which has drastic consequences. Chuze Self-Care isn’t a gimmick. We want to show people that taking small steps to ‘do you’ can make you a better friend, partner, parent, teacher, and person. If we can encourage our members and community to be intentional and choose self-care, we’ll not only improve their lives, but we’ll improve the world around us.”

Throughout the month of September, Chuze-Self Care will launch a variety of activations with the goal of redefining self-care, including daily Hydromassage Happy Hours, special mind/body classes, nutritional smoothie offerings, initiatives to unplug and disconnect from technology, giveaways and prizes, and team member self-care testimonials on the new FAMILY section on Chuze’s website. Chuze is also offering $1 enrollment for the entire month of September to encourage community inclusion (with memberships starting at $9.99). 

Known for its unconventional and affordable-to-all approach in a world of pricey spin classes and intimidating boutique fitness studios, Chuze operates on the belief that everybody deserves access to a safe, clean, and friendly gym, and that most people are overcharged and underserved. With amenities including a cardio movie theater, child care, hydromassages, and unlimited classes including HIIT, Zumba and heated yoga, Chuze is dedicated to reinventing the fitness experience, and wants to take that approach a step further.

“Chuze has always been about more than fitness; we consider ourselves a self-care center in every facet of the term,” said Billy Grenham, Chuze CMO.  “Many of our members just come in for a massage and smoothie before going to work. We realize self-care is tricky for a lot of people; it’s often overlooked, under-appreciated, or associated with being selfish. Chuze Self-Care is a call-to-action to encourage others to break down those barriers and take time for themselves. We hope to spark conversations that need to be had, and take the necessary steps to drive the point home that proper self-care is a crucial component of our overall well-being.”

Chuze Self-Care will take place from September 3-30, 2019, at select Chuze locations across Colorado, Southern California, New Mexico, and Arizona. For more information and to get involved, please visit or follow Chuze on social media.

About Chuze Fitness
Chuze, a family-owned fitness club, has been committed to making the practice of good self-care accessible to all for over ten years. This commitment, as well as its “less attitude, more fitness” mentality, is one of the many reasons Chuze has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years in both memberships and locations. Chuze now has over 30 locations in California, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico, and is continuing to expand their self-care initiative across the US. With memberships starting as low as $9.99/month and club amenities including a cardio cinema, hydromassages, child care, unlimited classes, pools, and a rewards program, Chuze is a boutique gym experience that is affordable to all. For more information, check out Chuze Fitness at

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