Obama Reaction


Traditionally, at the end of our e-newsletter, Newsbeat, we ask a question in hopes of getting some sort of response to a story that we're working on. Yesterday, the day of President Barack Obama's inauguration, we asked you about what you think Obama's impact as president will mean to the fitness industry.

We've been fortunate over the past few months to receive several comments related to stories on our Web site or posts on this blog. (By the way, did you see our new group photo on the blog? It's our new administration!) But I don't remember getting responses to the Newsbeat question—or to our stories, or to our blog—this quickly.

We also received a response yesterday to our Hot News story on where Obama might work out as president. Apparently, Obama and the Internet go hand in hand, so when you type "Obama" on the Web, it gets a lot of play.

With that in mind (Obama), we want to ask again (Obama) right here on our blog if you think President Obama (Obama) will have an overall positive or negative effect (Obama) on the fitness industry, related to taxes on business (Obama), passage of legislation in favor of health clubs (Obama), motivating people to begin exercising (Obama), etc.

Feel free to leave a comment.


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