JCCs, Club One Announce Partnership

NEW YORK -- The JCC Association, New York, has formed a partnership with Club One, San Francisco, in order to offer a holistic health and well-being program to JCC members.

The new program, called Discover @ the JCC, is the result of a task force formed by the JCC Association’s board of directors, who wanted to move the focus of the organization’s fitness facilities to a fuller view of health and wellness, says Miriam Rinn, the association’s communications manager.

“Because JCCs are such multi-faceted institutions, they’re in a particularly good position to address more than just fitness issues,” Rinn says.

Club One professionals have trained JCC staff at six pilot sites across the country on how to implement the initiative, which includes both facility-based programs and online components. The JCC Association plans to survey participants before and after the piloting phase in order to refine and improve the program before rolling it out to all JCCs.

In a press statement, Tom Nelson, Club One vice president for community centers, said JCCs are uniquely positioned to deliver the company’s programs because they serve the whole family. Discover @ the JCC offers a number of Club One’s modules that have been adapted specifically for the JCC, including Feeding Your Kids, Losing Weight, and Stop Stressing.

Two of Club One’s online programs also will be available through the program. Habit Changer, a 42-day healthy-living challenge, and Be Well, a health and diet tracker, will enable JCC members to receive automated coaching via message alerts, timely reminders and online information.

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