TSI Acquires Highpoint


The Pennsylvania club brings the expanding chain expertise in family and kids programming.

CHALFONT, Pa. - Historically a dominant force in urban areas along the Northeast Corridor, Town Sports International (TSI) has been moving into the suburbs, especially in New Jersey, Connecticut, the District of Columbia and Virginia. To serve these suburban markets better, TSI decided that it must focus more on family and kids programming. However, lacking experience in this field, TSI chose to acquire an expert: the Highpoint Athletic Club in Chalfont, Pa.

"The facility is phenomenal," said Mark Smith, TSI's CEO. "Highpoint ranks among the top family-oriented multi-sports clubs in the country."

For that reason, Highpoint is a logical starting point and learning center for TSI as the company moves into family and children's programming. And it's equally logical that Frank Napolitano, Highpoint's owner, is being retained to lead the effort as TSI's new vice president of special programs. "That's where his real expertise lies, distinguishing him from other people in the industry," Smith noted.

In addition to his new title, Napolitano continues to hold the property on which Highpoint is located. TSI has only acquired the business, which will now be known as a Philadelphia Sports Club. Still, TSI will always keep a reference to the Highpoint Athletic Club name because it is well known and respected, according to Smith. With the Highpoint acquisition, TSI now operates three Philadelphia Sports Clubs. At press time, a fourth club was in presales with another about to enter the presale stage. TSI's ultimate goal is to expand to 15 to 20 locations in the Philadelphia area.

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