Successful Tools for Hitting Your Sales Quota


It's the 15th of the month, you look over at the sales goal board and suddenly realize that you are not even close to achieving half of your membership quota. Panic mode sets in, and now it's crunch time to reach your end-of-the-month membership goal. Does this sound familiar?

This scenario is so common for salespeople in our industry, yet it can be overcome easily by working a little smarter, not harder!

Manage Your Quota

It is so important to be in control of your own sales goals. After all, this will ensure your financial success. Breaking your personal goal down on the first of each month when you receive it allows you to figure out what you need to do to achieve the goal. For example: If your membership quota is 40 sales, and you work 20 days in a month, your goal per week is 10 memberships, or two per day.

If you are given a revenue goal as well, the same system applies. Break it down by the week, and then again by the day to ensure that you are clear on the revenue that you are accountable for bringing in to your club. After you have done the math, create a goal sheet for yourself that will let you track your numbers, and plug in your results daily. Knowing where you are is the most effective way to get you to where you need to be!

Set a Minimum Standard of Expectations for Yourself

Now that you are able to manage by the numbers, let's move on to how to hit them! As a successful membership salesperson, you must know what you need to do to reach your quota. This means being aware of your closing ratios on converting telephone calls to appointments, appointments to tours and tours to sales. Once you know what these ratios are, the rest is a piece of cake.

Be sure to manage your time at the club, and allot slots for different areas to give yourself direction. For example, if you need to make 60 calls a day, dedicate time four times a day to make 15 phone calls uninterrupted.

Remember that sales is a numbers game, and if you are not currently hitting your sales numbers, the key is to focus on ways to get more prospects in front of you. Develop a strategy for yourself that works and stick to it. When the end of the month comes and you receive your bonus for hitting your quota, chances are high that you will be better prepared and confident for the following month!

Mix Things Up
Think Outside the Box

Competition in our industry is fiercer than ever, and membership sales today are not as simple as they used to be. We must think of new ways to attract members and keep up with technology.

Does your club have a Web site, and access to the Internet? If so, are you creating new ways to drive traffic to your club? Are you collecting names and e-mail addresses of the members you enroll? How about prospective members who haven't? Sending group e-mails to people in your address book is an excellent, and cost-effective way to increase inquiries to your club. This will result in additional sales, and is another way to help you hit your quota each month.

If your fitness club does not have Internet access, focus on ways to get referrals at point of sale, as well as ways to follow up with your leads on a daily basis. Having consistent, strong follow-up skills makes the difference between an average and a superstar salesperson. Remember, be creative and mix things up!

Well there you have it: A few tips on how to help you attain your sales goals. Remember, knowledge is power, and if you have the knowledge about what you need to do, you have the power to get out there and DO IT!

Stefani Whiteman is a sales/marketing consultant in the health/fitness industry with more than seven years of experience. She is based out of East Providence, R.I., and can be reached at (401) 433-4692 or [email protected] .

Basic Sales Principles

  • Motivating employees starts with motivating yourself.
  • Always work to align goals of the organization with goals of employees.
  • The key to supporting the motivation of your employees is understanding what motivates each of them.
  • Recognize that supporting employee motivation is a process, not a task.
  • Support employee motivation by using organizational systems (e.g., policies and procedures); don't just count on good intentions.

(Source: Carter McNamara, MBA, Ph.D./

Sales Tips

  • Break your sales goal down by the week and by the day in the beginning of every month.
  • Create a personal goal sheet to track your progress.
  • Always know where you are in relation to your quota.
  • Work smarter, not harder!
  • Know your closing percentages on calls to appointments, appointments to tours and tours to sales. This will give you direction on how many prospects you need to see to hit your quota.
  • Develop a system that works and manage your time wisely. Be consistent.
  • Use e-mail to reach existing members, as well as prospective members.
  • Create new ways to get referrals at point of sale.
  • Sharpen your follow-up skills. Develop new systems to reach your prospects.

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