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Cleaning Supplies

Sani-Shield and Sani-Scrub surface care products clean, shield and protect surfaces in one step. These multi-surface, multi-functional products leave an antimicrobial barrier on surfaces to inhibit re-soiling and have been tested to prevent the growth of germs, including MRSA, norovirus, Salmonella and others for seven days or longer. The products' organosilane quaternary technology prevents surfaces from being re-contaminated between cleanings. The products are non-toxic and free of volatile organic compounds.

Contact: Unelko Corp.; phone: 480-991-7272;

Strength Equipment

The Hammer Strength Heavy Duty line features redesigned racks, platforms and accessories. Developed with the help of coaches and athletes, the new racks offer the variety, efficiency and simplicity for advanced performance training. The line includes power, half, combo and multi-rack options, available in 8- and 9-foot configurations, all built with a walk-through design. Band pegs on the top and bottom of the racks offer a range of options for free weight technique development and variable resistance training. The Heavy Duty Adjustable Bench features the Dock'n Lock system that quickly and safely locks the bench into place and ensures proper alignment while lifting. Optional spotter platforms are also designed to put a spotter in an optimum position to assist the lifter. The line is also customizable with different frame and upholstery color options offered to fit the specific needs of any facility. The line's band and chain storage reduces clutter, while weight horns and an integrated labeling system keep plates organized.

Contact: Life Fitness; phone: 847-288-3300;

Water Bike

ItBike is a light, human-powered water bike that features a high-performance propeller-based biking system mounted on top of a glass-fiber body. The itBike hull is made of a composite glass fiber cover. The inside of the hull is a closed cell foam core that does not allow any water to penetrate the bike. The surface of the hull bottom is ultra smooth, promoting extra gliding capability. The product weighs less than 70 pounds, is less than 8 feet long and promotes an environmentally safe way to ride on the water.

Contact: ItBikes; phone: 514-952-5692; e-mail: [email protected];

Injury Treatment

Game Ready offers a combination of form-fitting anatomic wraps, active compression and cooling, and adjustable pressure and temperature settings. The device simultaneously delivers the two aspects of rest, ice, compression and elevation that are traditionally most difficult to manage: ice and compression. The intermittent compression and adjustable cold therapy provides simple, convenient and effective aid in post-surgery recovery and in the treatment of acute injuries. Cold therapy can decrease pain, muscle spasms, tissue damage and swelling, while compression has been shown to quickly push fluids away from the injury site and reduce swelling, which prevents tissue damage and promotes healing.

Contact: Game Ready; phone: 888-426-3732; e-mail: [email protected];

Multi-Function Trainer

Koko, a single-station, multi-function trainer with more than 75 cable and fixed path exercises, is integrated with a computer that guides exercisers through a 30-minute full-body workout. Each multi-week Koko program is customized to each user's unique strength level and dynamically adapts to their progress over time for fast, measurable results. Koko, which means “one-to-one” in Japanese, is designed for the large number of exercisers who need a structured, guided strength training program but don't have the confidence or experience to manage one on their own — or the time and money to hire a personal trainer.

Contact: Koko Fitness; phone: 781-871-1200; e-mail: [email protected];

Sanitizing Wipes

The NW600 Sanitizer System rotates wipe refills and evenly delivers saturated wipes down to the last wipe on the refill. NW600 disinfectant wipes are cloth-like and great for cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces. The disinfectant wipes are pre-moistened with a bleach-free, alcohol-free and non-staining formula. The refill wipes are effective against VRE, tuberculosis, MRSA, HIV-1, Norwalk virus, E. coli, Salmonella and a number of other forms of bacteria. NW600 disinfectant wipe refills are designed for NW600 Sanitizer Systems.

Contact: Nature's Way Sanitizer Co.; phone: 765-296-2565; e-mail: [email protected];

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