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BVe's Internet-based, digital music and messaging service provides you with a total control solution for your club's ambient music. You choose the music playlists that best fit your club's image, create the right energy level and target your member demographics. Brand it as your club's own radio station or music network with professionally produced message inserts called “sound branders” that insert in between songs — like a radio station. All your choices can be scheduled daily, weekly and monthly for any or all of your locations. Promote revenue streams for personal training, membership promotions, the pro shop, the snack bar and new classes with audio messages. Because each player has dual-zone outputs, you can even play different styles of music in the locker rooms than in your cardio or strength areas. You can also connect it to your telephone system for on-hold music and messages. The MBOX media player is easy to install and can connect to your existing sound system — all you need is a connection to a phone line. The monthly service fee is competitively priced and includes all applicable licensing.

Contact: BVe; phone: 800-770-9770;


Casey Conrad, long-time industry consultant and speaker, and founder of the Healthy Inspirations weight loss franchise, released Winning the Struggle to Be Thin. The book provides women with information, hope and inspiration to help overcome the challenges faced during weight loss. While most weight loss books simply provide another way to eat, this book gets to the heart of struggle by exploring the emotional issues faced during the weight loss process and provides 62 testimonials, empowering women with practical solutions critical to long-term success. The book motivates the reader by outlining strategies such as how to avoid falling prey to the latest fad diets and how to understand the science behind the weight loss equation. It also shares practical information like body and nutrition basics, secrets for interpreting food labels and calorie-burning exercise tips.

Contact: Communication Consultants; phone: 800-725-6147;


Sani-Cloth® Plus and Super Sani-Cloth® Germicidal Disposable Wipes kill the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) when used as directed, in addition to the Hepatitis B virus (HBV), Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV) and the other viruses and bacteria when disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing hard, non-porous surfaces. Sani-Cloth Plus contains 14.85 percent alcohol and kills RSV in 1 minute; HBV and HIV-1 in 2 minutes; TB (Mycobacterium bovis), Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus faecalis (VRE) in 5 minutes and has been tested effective against a total of 11 microorganisms. Super Sani-Cloth contains 55 percent alcohol and kills TB and RSV in 1 minute, HBV and HIV-1 in 2 minutes, MRSA and VRE in 5 minutes and has been tested to be effective against 17 microorganisms.

Contact: Professional Disposables International;

Training Aids

Harbinger introduced Lifting Hooks and Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuffs, training aids that help you train in comfort while you strengthen and tone the muscles in your back, shoulders and legs. The Lifting Hooks have a Velcro® closure that adjusts to fit your wrists, and the hooks attach and detach easily. The 1-mm padded wrist support keeps your wrist in the proper position and prevents hyperextension. Each of the custom-engineered steel, durable hooks can support up to 825 pounds and will last thousands of sets thanks to the Ballistic nylon construction. The Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff features an adjustable Velcro® closure to customize the fit and 4.5-mm Neoprene padding for added comfort during training. The steel “D” ring holds up to 750 pounds of stackable weight.

Contact: Harbinger; phone: 800-729-5954;


The Balanced Body Half-Trapeze Retrofit Kit enables users to convert any Balanced Body Studio Reformer into a fully functional reformer/half-trapeze combination (half-trap combo). The Retrofit Kit's vertical tower frame attaches to the reformer, providing maximum stability and safety. The bracket used to secure the tower to the head-end of the frame is made of chrome-plated steel. The kit contains a mat conversion system, in which two mats fit over the carriage and on top of the frame, so users don't have to lift and turn over the carriage. In addition, users can use the twin mats for floor work. The kit also includes a three- or four-sided push-through bar adjustable to three varying heights; a push-through safety strap; two light blue and two medium, red push-through springs; two light yellow, roll-down springs; two leg springs and loops; 35 eye-bolt positions for springs; a hardwood roll-down bar; a cotton belly strap; and a set of Velcro® thigh and ankle cuffs.

Contact: Balanced Body; phone: 800-745-2837;

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