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Without a doubt, treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment in your club. That's why it's so important that you select the most durable, high-quality machines available. If there are cardio traffic jams in your gym, then you better make sure that your treadmills are worth the wait.

In addition to durability, today's treadmills offer a high degree of technological advances; ergonomic designs; user-friendly electronic workout programs that can keep users up to speed on calories burned and miles logged; heart-rate monitoring; and versatility. The treadmills are adapted to the user, not the user to the treadmill — an important factor considering a club's versatile client base.

The following models are some of the industry's offerings.


Biodex Medical Systems employs the same motor technology in its treadmills as in its Isokinetic Dynometer. This powerful motor allows users to stand on the belt at zero speed and begin with as little as 0.1 mph, permitting a beginning stance that stimulates a stride. There is no need to straddle a belt, states the company. Models include the Biodex Rehabilitation Treadmill, which can operate at the slowest speeds, and has a 20-inch-by-64-inch low profile and a Teflon-impregnated running deck with an Exact-Track belt; and the Biodex RTM400, which offers a numeric display, real-time readings for METs, calories, distance and time values. In addition, the RTM400 provides an intuitive graphic display and both predefined and user-defined programmability at any of the five different effort levels.

Biodex Medical Systems Inc., 20 Ramsay Road,
Box 702, Shirley, NY 11967; (631) 924-9000;
(800 ) 224-6339; fax: (631) 924-8355;
Circle Reader Service No. 117


Cybex International's high-performance treadmill, the Cybex 600T, was developed based on the sciences of exercise physiology and biomechanics, to optimize physical results, state company officials. Key features include the easy-to-use display, one-button start option, heart-rate monitoring, motivating programs, and Cybex' StableFlex system that absorbs shock and offers stability. In addition, new amenities include a magazine rack, bottle holder and tray for personal stereos.

Cybex International Inc., 10 Trotter Drive,
Medway, MA 02053; (888) GO-CYBEX;
(508) 533-4300;
Circle Reader Service No. 118


Diamondback's 1200 series treadmill offers a sleek, quiet, impact-absorbing deck surface for comfortable training. In addition to its convenient storage capabilities, the 1200 series treadmill has a 2.0 HP continuous-duty drive motor, a PWM Drive Motor Controller with built-in safety protection, and a heavy-duty 11 gauge welded steel frame construction. Programming options include two manual programs, nine preprogrammed profiles, two custom programs with building and saving features, and one heart-rate-based fitness test (based on the American College of Sports Medicine's standards). In addition, the treadmill has a step-up height of 6 inches, and a 3/4-inch deck with an incline of 12 percent maximum and speed ranging from 0.5 to 10.0 m.p.h.

Diamondback Fitness, 300 Camarillo Ranch
Road, Camarillo, CA 93012; (805) 484-4450;
fax: (805) 388-5890;
Circle Reader Service No. 119


The L7 CLUB series treadmills are designed for heavy-use commercial facilities that need a cost-effective solution to treadmills without sacrificing quality, states the company. Featuring a 20-inch-by-54-inch running surface and 2.5-inch diameter rollers, the L7's specifications include a 120 volt, 3 HP continuous duty motor. L7's bigger brother, the L8 CLUB series, features a 20-inch-by-63-inch running surface, and specifications include a 220 volt, 3 HP continuous duty motor, and 3.5-inch-diameter rollers. Both CLUB models carry a three-year parts/one-year labor warranty, and are available with Sport Trainer, Pro Trainer, Cardio Trainer or Executive Trainer control panels.

Landice Treadmills, 111 Canfield Ave., Randolph,
NJ 07869; (800) LANDICE; fax: (973) 927-0630
Circle Reader Service No. 120


Life Fitness's 9700HR is a fully featured, heavy-duty treadmill that offers an ultra-contemporary design and advanced ergonomics. The durable design also features many service enhancements and controls for fitness levels. With speed ranging from 0.5 to 15 m.p.h., incline up to 15 percent and a 400-pound maximum user weight capacity, the 9700HR can be used for beginners to serious exercisers.

Life Fitness, 10601 W. Belmont Ave.,
Franklin Park, IL 60131; (847) 288-3300;
(800) 634-8637; fax: 847-288-3703;
Circle Reader Service No. 121


NordicTrack's 8000 CS Treadmill features customized consoles: FITVision Console, a fully integrated TV console or the Console, allowing members to access the Internet or television. In addition, the machine has a BioStride deck cushioning system, 5.0 HP high-torque AC speed motor control, 0-12 m.p.h. Quick Speed technology and a dual-option pulse monitor. The two-ply tread belt has a dimension of 20 inches by 60 inches, and the treadmill features 3.5-inch machined steel rollers.

NordicTrack, 6415 South 3000 East, Suite 100,
Salt Lake City, UT 84121; (800) 201-2116;
[email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 122


The Powerjog J series offers a variety of models with a range of attractive pricing options to suit any club. A comprehensive two-year parts and one-year labor warranty is offered on all models. All J series running machines are outfitted with the Powerjog HCT, an effective and reliable heart-rate monitoring system. The HCT connects via a chest strap, sending a constant signal to the machine, which clearly displays the heart rate on its console. The series also makes use of the latest small-screen technology to provide a better graphical interface between the machine and the user. The development of full-color TFT moving imagery is a new addition to the range, and brings with it a whole new host of features, increasing safety and providing an early warning system to reduce any possible downtime.

Powerjog Inc., 2235 Technical Parkway,
Suite G, Wildwood Business Park,
North Charleston, SC 29406; 87-POWERJOG;
(843) 863-0152; fax: (843) 863-0153;
[email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 131


Precor's C950 series low-impact treadmills are steady, reliable powerhouses that require minimal maintenance, states the company. These treadmills carry the Precor Ground Effects Impact Control System, designed to reduce wear and tear on the knees, legs and back. Other features include an easy-to-use Smart Touch keypad interface, Smart Rate heart-rate monitor, and 21 courses designed for users of all fitness levels.

Precor USA, 20001 North Creek Parkway,
P.O. Box 3004, Bothell, WA 98041;
(425) 486-9292; fax: (425) 486-3856


Schwinn's light institutional treadmill, the 6800i, is durable and maintenance-free, constructed with heavy-duty steel frames. In addition, the running machine feature a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor, 2-ply belts, and 2.5-inch rollers. The wide, long deck (20 inches by 60 inches) provides a safe, comfortable surface for walking or running. This treadmill also features handgrip and wireless heart-rate reading, and the computer has easy-to-read LED display that provides feedback for time, speed, distance, incline, calories, pace, cal/hour and heart rate.

Schwinn Cycling & Fitness Inc.,
1690 38th St., Boulder, CO 80301;
(888) 471-0014; (800) SCHWINN;
Circle Reader Service No. 133


The new 2001 model of SciFit's AC7000 treadmill features a new, easy-to-read, simple-to-use control panel. The AC7000 has one of the largest walking surfaces in the industry, states the company, and its powerful drive system allows for user capacity up to 500 pounds. Full side handrails and high speeds up to 15 m.p.h. are optional.

SciFit, 5616 A South 22nd East Ave., Tulsa, OK
74146; (800) 852-6869; fax: (918) 254-4189
Circle Reader Service No. 124


SportsArt America's 6150 series treadmills include 12 preset courses (with override capability), eight specially designed race courses, two custom intervals (fat burn or cardio zone heart-rate control) and manual quick start. The unit also features a tri-colored dot matrix and LED windows with readout of time, distance, speed, elevation, heart rate and calories. Construction features include a 330-pound welded steel frame with a lifetime warranty. A 1-inch, four-way reversible phenolic deck and 30,000 mile belt with proprietary Hyper-Glide lubricant combine for maximum bed/belt life. The variable density (softer in the impact zone, firmer in the push zone) Shock Dissipation System offers a joint-friendly running/walking surface on the treadmill.

SportsArt America, 15500 Woodinville-Redmond
Road, Building C, Suite 100, Woodinville, WA
98072; (800) 709-1400; (425) 481-9479;
fax: (425) 488-8155;
Circle Reader Service No. 125


All StairMaster ClubTrack treadmills feature the unique TripleFlex deck and patented AC Hyperdrive transmission system. The treadmills are known worldwide for long product life, low maintenance and user-friendly features, according to the company. The 510 Plus and 612 Plus also include 20 personal-training programs; interval and heart-rate control workouts; and speed, grade, and heart-rate graphs.

StairMaster Health & Fitness Products Inc.,
12421 Willows Road N.E., Suite 100,
Kirkland, WA 98034; (800) 635-2936;
(425) 823-1825;
Circle Reader Service No. 126


Star Trac's TR4500 treadmill features a Personal Trainer studio mode that enables personal trainers to customize and store their clients' walking and running programs. Its console includes international symbols to ensure easy operation, including optional Dynamic Heart Rate Control and monitoring. It stores hundreds of preprogrammed training selections to inspire first-timers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Its digital display provides instant feedback. There's also a built-in rack for a water bottle, personal stereo and towel. To cushion impact on the ankles, knees, hips and back, the TR4500 is equipped with a patented Impact Absorption System. This not only provides a lower-impact workout, but a hushed stride.

Star Trac By Unisen Inc., 14410 Myford
Road, Irvine, CA 92606; (800) 228-6635;
fax: (714) 508-3303; [email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 132


Featuring new, built-in hand sensors, as well as a user-friendly console with built-in exercise programs to challenge a variety of users, the RUN XT PRO 600 treadmill by Technogym also utilizes the company's exclusive CHR system. In addition, the machine has a powerful motor, ergonomic design and a shock-absorbing running surface. The unit's speed and incline are user-controlled via an easy-to-use touch-based system on the treadmill's console.

Technogym USA Corp., 830 Fourth Ave. S.,
Suite 300, P.O. Box 3672, Seattle, WA 98124;
(206) 623-1488; (800) 804-0952;
fax: (206) 623-1898
Circle Reader Service No. 134


Trackmaster's treadmills boast a running belt 22 inches wide and 63 inches long. The double-sided running belt absorbs and dampens punishing shocks, while the patented MasterTrack belt alignment system eliminates the need to align the running belt periodically. Trackmaster's low-profile hood quiets motor noise and allows easier access for maintenance. In addition, model TM-225 and TM-500 each provide a choice of either Polar or contact heart-rate display as a standard feature.

Trackmaster Treadmills, 4300 Bayou Blvd.
#36, Pensacola, FL 32503; (800) 965-6455;
(850) 969-0633; fax: (850) 969-0425;
[email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 127


Backed by warranty, each of True Fitness's handcrafted treadmills include the S.O.F.T. shock absorption system, the company reports. Options include heart-rate control and a 23-inch wide treadmill, and there are 11 different models available.

True Fitness, 865 Hoff Road, O' Fallon, MO
63366; (800) 426-6570; (314) 277-7100;
fax: (314) 272-7148; [email protected];
Circle Reader Service No. 128


The new T8600HRC treadmill from Vision Fitness is designed to withstand many hours of use and abuse, and features 47 programs with heart-rate control. Specifications include a 2.5 HP Baldon motor, 2.5-inch crowned rollers and a Seighling Cool-Weave belt. These treadmills also come with a light commercial warranty (up to five hours per day) for two years, and are sold through Vision Fitness certified dealers equipped with trained service departments, should any service be needed.

Vision Fitness, P.O. Box 280,
621-D E. Lake St., Lake Mills, WI 53551;
(800) 335-4348; (920) 648-4090;
fax: 920-648-3373;
Circle Reader Service No. 129

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