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Literature and product brochures from industry suppliers.

Apex Fitness Equipment
Apex offers a complete line of strength equipment that features free weights, and single station and multi-station machines to accommodate a range of routines. The company also offers a Lady Apex line tailored specifically for women. A wheelchair-access line is also available. Apex offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and weight stack plates, a five-year warranty on major components and a six-month warranty on upholstery.

Biodynamics Corp.
The Model 310e Body Composition Analyzer from Biodynamics is a rechargeable, whole-body bioimpedence analyzer that allows the user to measure body fat, lean weight, and fat weight percentages, as well as basal metabolic rate, and total body water. It also analyzes body composition accounting for body type, age and sex. Completely portable, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack, and a built-in printer.

BroadcastVision’s catalog features its Fitness Cinema wireless entertainment systems. These systems include Fitness Cinema, television monitors and mounts, turnkey aerobics, and group cycling systems for any exercise room or budget. This system allows members to choose from up to 64 TV or music selections. Fitness Cinema 900MHz wireless transmitters broadcast signals to wireless receivers attached to equipment.

Comtec Industries
Comtec Industries product guide features toilet compartments; shower compartments and cubicles; and solid plastic vanities and benches. Comtec provides its customers with a 15-year warranty against breakage, corrosion and delamination from the date of receipt by its customers. Comtec offers this warranty because its products are designed with a self-lubricating protective finish, according to the company.

DSL Ltd.
DSL Ltd. has released AQUATICS—The Complete Reference Guide for Aquatic Fitness Professionals, a revised and updated version of its hardcover reference tool. The book covers sample marketing plans, legal issues, guidelines for the selection of equipment, and aquatic program music selections. The book supplies information for the aquatic professional to begin a safe, effective and successful aquatic program.

The Exerflex Aerobic Floor System is made of 7/8-inch beech hardwood for durability and strength. This surface is prefinished with an aerobic traction polyurethane designed for precise footing. The boards are held together by a spring steel clip, which allows the floor to flex along this joint upon impact. At the point of impact, the 3/4-inch foam underlayment absorbs the shock of the participant’s impact on the floor.

E-Zone is an entertainment system designed specifically for the club environment. The system features an individual video screen and wireless headphones. Users have access to a variety of video channels, or they can choose to play their own CDs or audiocassettes. Exercisers may even watch television silently while they listen to their own music.

Fitness Products International
Brands from Fitness Products Internation-al include Icarian, the Abench and Flite. Icarian features more than 60 units, including single station machines, multi-stations, benches, racks and free-weight accessories. The Abench, an abdominal trainer, uses a rolling pivot design. The Flite product line features a cross-pivot technology that allows the user to exercise through a natural range of motion.

The FloraSpa line of natural skin and body care products is based on techniques of aromatherapy and algotherapy. Its professional and retail collections include a complete treatment regimen of products for the face, body, hands and feet. Specialty therapy products include treatments for sports pedicure; scalp treatments; cellulite programs; nutrition therapies; and spa treatments.

Ground Zero
Ground Zero’s brochure for its “free motion” functional training equipment describes its new products as a complete system that enables users to be free to work their entire bodies and their muscle groups together. Ground Zero offers pre-printed workout programs and progress sheets for its functional training products, and also notes that it is also developing a video library for individuals and personal trainers.

Iron Grip Barbell Co.
Iron Grip Barbell Co. now provides a line of Iron Grip Strength (IGX) women’s activewear. This line of apparel features women’s shorts, tanks, pants, bra tops, fitted v-neck T-shirts, sweat pants, camisoles, baby T-shirts, and hooded zip-front sweat shirts, all affixed with the IGX logo. This new IGX line was created to complement Iron Grip’s existing clothing line of men’s and women’s wear.

Kashi Co.
The Kashi GoLEAN soy-based cereal slimming system is composed of high-protein/high-fiber cereal, shakes and bars. Kashi’s meal shakes come formulated for men’s and women’s health needs. The high-protein/high-fiber bars are available in three flavors, and are made from whole-grain cereal with added fiber and protein. All products are scientifically designed to help men and women control and maintain their weight naturally.

Miller Multiplex
Miller Multiplex’s new catalog for floor coverings features stock and custom display solutions for both area rugs and hard surface flooring. The eight-page, full-color brochure provides detailed descriptions and dimensions for Miller’s complete line of floor covering displays. High-capacity, high-design stock and information on special order and custom displays are available to independent retailers.

Power Systems Inc.
Power Systems 2000 spring and summer training product catalog has added more than 100 new products, including leverage strength equipment, an adjustable agility ladder, and burst-resistant gym balls. A completely new section is devoted to rehabilitation products. The catalog’s sections include medicine balls, plyometrics, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, weight management and general fitness items.

Stott Equipment
Stott’s 2000 catalog is uniquely formatted as a 12-month calendar. Featuring its complete product line, each page includes a full month noting Stott’s scheduled activities plus a product from its equipment line. Other pages include a list of instructional videos the company offers and training and certification courses it provides focusing on the exercise system pioneered by Joseph Pilates. An order form is also included in the catalog.

Supreme Audio Inc.
Supreme Audio’s Profes-sional Dance & Fitness Audio Buyer’s Guide, features Telex, Samson, Sony, Shure, Special Projects, Audio-Technica and Hydrophonics head-worn aerobic microphone systems. The catalog also includes Klipsch, RCF, Bose, Kenleigh, JVC, Sony, Denon, Technics, QSC, Marantz variable speed tape recorders, CD players, amplifiers, speakers, and BroadcastVision and ClubFM FM broadcast systems.

Sportsmith has an updated 12th edition of its catalog. The new version has been expanded to 88 pages. The catalog includes OEM and OEM-quality parts and electronics service for most major fitness equipment brands. The StariMaster product line has been added to Sportsmith’s offerings in this new issue. According to company officials, Sportsmith strives to provide customers with the best selection of parts, service and value.

Water Gear Inc.
Water Gear’s 2000 30-page catalog features quality aquatic training and water gear. The catalog’s product listings include salon- quality hair and personal care products, aquatic training gear, water goggles, face masks, aqua aerobics products, pool game items and water sport accessories. Water Gear claims that its research staff investigates new products to keep its customers on the leading edge.

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