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Alusuisse Airex AG
The Airex exercise line of mats, balance and hydro-support products offers an attractive design for safe and stable environments, according to the manufacturer. The mats are constructed of light-weight material that has a flat, non-slip, well-cushioned surface that won't chafe or rub against the skin. The closed-cell structure reportedly makes products impervious to water and easy to keep clean.

Environmental Test Systems
Environmental Test System's new guide now features comprehensive listings for its consumer and professional pool and spa test strip product line. Included in the guide is the new AquaChek TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) and AquaChek Green, as well as the new AquaChek Salt, AquaChek Monopersulfate and AquaChek Red-Total Bromine.

The Exerflex Aerobic Floor System is made of a 7/8-inch beech hardwood, which provides durability and strength. This surface is prefinished with an aerobic traction polyurethane designed for precise footing. The boards meet at a tongue-and-groove joint and are held together by a spring steel clip, allowing the floor to flex upon impact. At the point of contact, the foam underlayment absorbs the shock of impact on the floor.

K&K Insurance Group
For insurance coverage that fits, K&K Health/Fitness Club Insurance offers health club operators strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Coverage is designed specifically for the health/fitness industry and can include property, casualty, medical professional and participants liability, excess and umbrella coverage, and flexible deductible/self-insured programs.

N Z Manufacturing Inc.
N Z's latest Training and Therapy Products full-color catalog features an expanded product line, including rehabilitation, swim training, sports training and general fitness items. Brand names include StrechCordz, TurfCordz, UltraStrapz, MediCordz and AerobiCordz. All products have a warranty of 90 days from purchase date.

Penco's L-2000 Steel Lockers catalog includes a wide variety of both the company's new and classic product lines. New items include Penco's stadium lockers, powder coat paint lines, a continuous hinge model and lockers with number plate positions. Lockers come in an infinite variety of customizations - from ventilation styles and door options to handle and lock types.

Ramuc Pool Paint
Ramuc's new brochure features eight, full-color pages highlighting the company's latest products that protect and beautify a variety of pool types. Ramuc has broadened its product line by entering into the vinyl liner and above-ground pool market with its Coping and Touch-Up Paint. Other new items include different colors and accessory products.

Tanita Corp. of America
The new TBF-300GS from Tanita features a 440-pound weight capacity with both adult and athlete modes. The machine automatically prints fat mass, fat-free mass, fat percentage, total-body water, raw impedance, BMR and desirable ranges with up to nine copies. It includes a Goal Setter feature that calculates the amount of fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a preselected body-fat percentage.

Troy Barbell & Fitness
Troy's SupraBar and SupraBar Cable System use the biomechanical process of supination to improve strength training benefits. By using movable and rotating grips, all of the SupraBar products isolate exertion to the targeted muscle group while relieving stress on tendons and joints. SupraBar is a free-weight bar designed to work with Olympic weights. The SupraBar Cable attachments hook onto standard cable systems.

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