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Aphelion's Fitness Management Software lets clubs monitor every facet of their business, from the front-counter check-in to the back- office reports. Its brochure offers details on its programs, including member services, sales and marketing management, accounting and operations. In addition, Aphelion's software features special tools to automate tasks such as printing bar-code hang tags, applying late fees and tagging members.
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Creative Health Products

Creative Health Products is a primary source for skinfold calipers. While the calipers vary considerably in appearance, size, materials, price, etc., most will produce reasonably accurate results if used properly. Creative Health Products handles most brands and at discount prices, so you can find the caliper that most suits your needs.
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Hollman's Unlimited Locker Systems and Wood Locker catalogs offer health clubs two aesthetic approaches for their locker facilities. Both systems can be customized to any dimension and come in a variety of styles. Clubs can choose from both full and half lockers, and select additional locker room amenities like towel drops, grooming stations, crown moulding and benches. In addition, a variety of locking systems are available.
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K&K Insurance Group

For insurance coverage that fits, K&K Health/Fitness Club Insurance offers health club operators strength, flexibility, coordination and en-durance. Coverage is designed specifically for the health/fitness industry and can include property, casualty, medical professional and participants liability, excess and umbrella coverage, and flexible deductible/self-insured programs.
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Kids' Pace

This Kids' Pace catalog is child's play — literally! The Pace fitness program combines music with resistance training and aerobic exercise for children of all ages. All the equipment is interlocking, and can be set up in a circular or “U” pattern to best utilize the space you have available. Plus, the equipment is specially designed for children, allowing each child to work out at his or her own fitness level.
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MF Athletic

The new 2001 edition of MF Athletic's Perform Better catalog is now available. The catalog's focus is on functional training and rehabilitation, and offers separate color-coded sections on such various topics as strength and power, endurance, balance, speed, agility and quickness. The new 2001 catalog offers its largest collection of strength and conditioning aids to date, states the company.
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Tanita Corp. of America

The new TBF-300GS from Tanita features a 440-pound weight capacity with both adult and athlete modes. The machine automatically prints fat mass, fat-free mass, fat percentage, total-body water, raw impedance, BMR and desirable ranges with up to nine copies. It includes a Goal Setter feature that calculates the amount of fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a preselected body-fat percentage.
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Troy Barbell & Fitness

Troy Barbell & Fitness's new barbell, bar and weights catalog includes many different styles of models. Clubs can choose from Pro Style Dumbbells in either precision machined cast iron plates or Troy's newly designed rubber encased plates. Fixed barbells carry Troy's limited lifetime warranty and come in either curl or straight bars. Troy carries international bars and cable attachments.
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Water Gear

Get ready for the summer aquatics season, or simply maintain your year-round pool fitness program with a little help from Water Gear's new 2001 aquatics catalog. Water Gear features such essential items as belt floats, resistance balls, wrist and ankle weights, paddles, goggles and swimming aids. In addition, the catalog offers some more “fun” items like beach balls, dive rings, and even an 8-foot inflatable shark.
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