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Featuring multimedia broadcasting, customized music video programming and promotional productions, ClubCom will connect clubs with the latest technologies, programs and services in customized entertainment and member services. This Pittsburgh-based broadcasting company also features a completely customized video marketing campaign, accessible through a private and secure, password-protected Web site.

The Exerflex Aerobic Floor System is made of a 7/8-inch beech hardwood, which provides durability and strength. This surface is prefinished with an aerobic traction polyurethane designed for precise footing. The boards meet at a tongue-and-groove joint and are held together by a spring steel clip, allowing the floor to flex upon impact. At the point of impact, the 3/4-inch foam underlayment absorbs the shock on the floor.

Fitness Factory Outlet
The Fitness Factory Outlet's brochure features a full 48 pages of name-brand fitness equipment, including Body Solid strength-training equipment; SportsArt cardiovascular equipment; Ivanko products; and Kraiburg bumper plates and flooring. The company provides expertise from its planning professionals at no charge - from customized scale-model floor plans to individual equipment-need specifications.

NordicTrac's new fitness apparel combines CoolMax and illumiNITE fabrics to create a comfortable cooling system and high visibility for the consumer. CoolMax rapidly draws moisture away from the skin instead of simply absorbing moisture, states the company, while illumiNITE reflective fabrics allow users to be seen in low light conditions. The company's clothing line comes in a varity of men's and women's styles.

Sportsmith's Catalog XV features hundreds of equipment parts, electronics and accessories for most major fitness manufacturers, and provides tech support and express delivery. New to this catalog is an expanded electronics section, as well as a new aerobic and yoga mat section. Other features include treadmill belts and decks, strength equipment and accessories, medicine balls, group cycling products, accessories, lubricants, tools and more.

Tartan Group
The Tartan Group's Discount Book #19 features a versatile array of rehab and therapy products, including exercise products, strength stations, hydro therapy, heat and cold therapy, electrotherapy, massage therapy, clinical furniture, evaluation products and much more. Shipments are 100 percent insured against loss or damage.

Troy Barbell & Fitness
Troy Barbell's SupraBar and SupraBar Cable System use the biomechanical process of supination to im-prove strength-training benefits. By using movable and rotating grips, all of the SupraBar products isolate exertion to the targeted muscle group while relieving stress on tendons and joints. SupraBar is a free-weight bar designed to work with Olympic weights. The SupraBar Cable attachments hook onto standard cable systems.

True Fitness
Arm and leg movements power the True Natural Trainer (TNT) 2000 treadmill from True Fitness. Users can adjust resistance on-the-fly to create their desired workout level, according to the company. The full-body engagement makes it possible to achieve a total-body workout in 30 minutes with this low-maintenance machine, and users can tone and condition all major muscle groups, states the company.

The VersaClimber stepping/climbing machine comes in two versatile models: the EZ, which is designed for the beginner; and the Original model. Both models feature variable hydraulic resistance for speed and force control, giving all the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, calves and shins a complete aerobic and strength workout. Plus, VersaClimbers can be combined using the Hi-Tri or High-Five multi-station systems for group training.

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