Insights Into 2007

What are your thoughts about the future of the fitness industry? Whether you are a for-profit, nonprofit, university, corporate, hotel, government or military facility, we want to hear what you think the year 2007 will bring for the fitness industry. We are working on our annual State of the Industry report, and we want to hear your thoughts about the industry and your business. Does your facility plan to expand in 2007? Do you plan to purchase another facility, or are you hoping to sell your facility? Are you facing stiffer competition? Are you planning to make equipment/product purchases in 2007? If so, what equipment will you purchase? How do you feel about the economy and its effect on your business? What state and/or federal legislation is being considered that you think will most directly affect your business and the industry in general? How will the results of the November elections affect the fitness industry?

In the coming weeks, some of you will receive a survey via e-mail asking you many of these questions. I hope that you take the time to complete the survey and send it back (you have the chance to win a prize if you do). However, even if you aren't selected to receive the survey, you can still have your voice heard in our January 2007 State of the Industry article. Just e-mail me at [email protected] and let me know how you feel about the questions posed above and anything else related to the state of our industry. Your comments may be selected to be included in the January issue.

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