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Behind the Scenes
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Club Industry Has Been Redesigned with You in Mind

Club Industry has unveiled a new website design with the intent of improving navigation through the site for you and allowing you to view more content each time you visit.

As you likely have already noticed, the Club Industry website looks a little different now. Since early January, our web team has been working to move us to a new website platform with a new design. It's a company-wide initiative that was undertaken to allow for a better user experience across all the brands owned by our parent company, Penton, now owned by Informa.

One of the biggest changes is that the menu is now located in the upper left side of each page. Just click on the three lines under the word "menu" to get to other sections of the website. Many of those sections also have sub-sections that appear in a bar above the stories, so make sure to look there if you are looking for something specific.

Another big change is the addition of an infinite scroll when you click into any article. An infinite scroll means that as you get to the bottom of a story, another recently posted story will show up below it, allowing you to continue reading.  

The photo galleries are perhaps the other biggest difference on the website. The new design is intended to put the focus on the photo with less emphasis on the copy that goes with each photo. We are still adjusting to this new design, as we tend to be more copy heavy in our photo galleries, but a listicle option is being developed for our more copy-intensive photo galleries, so watch for that coming in the future.

In addition, we have at least two new sections that will go online by summer, one focused on technology use in the fitness industry and the other focused on the family business of fitness. We'll offer more details on each soon.

Other changes include the option for video ads to pop up within stories, a great option for our advertisers who keep us in business.

Still, some things have remained the same. Because Club Industry is focused on the news of the fitness industry, our news stories are still prominently featured on the home page in the left rail. In fact, we take news so seriously that new stories are now featured in the left rail of any page you go to on the website.

We hope that you enjoy looking through the website over the next few weeks to become more familiar with the new design. If you notice anything out of sorts with any articles, please email On occasion, a story from our old platform may not have transferred over to the new platform as well as we would have liked, but we are working to resolve any issues related to that, so your help is appreciated.

Enjoy the new look!

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