Club Industry 2001


New Product Review

BOOTH: 1217

The new Pure Pro Zero Sugar bar, from ABB, is a high-protein, low-carb bar that's also low in fat (only 3 grams) and total calories (240 calories). Each patent-pending, taste-test winning, chocolate-coated bar is formulated with ABB's exclusive 33g Amino Blast II protein, 11-12g Glycerol and 26 essential vitamins and minerals, for a complete protein bar for the serious fitness enthusiast. The bars come in five flavors: Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Raspberry.
Circle Reader Service No. 176

BOOTH: 1070

Aphelion develops management software and computer systems specifically for the health and fitness industry. Aphelion's management software is intended to support all aspects of club operation, from the check-in process to billing and collections. The company's latest Internet version includes a new Member Services module, providing low monthly fees, reduced technical overhead and increased member support. The Internet version includes an online connection to each of your members and is backed by a seven-day, 24-hour support plan.
Circle Reader Service No. 140

BOOTH: 359

Arc International introduces the ARC Jungle Gym, an advanced compact dual weight stack, selectorized cable exercise apparatus. It has infinite adjustability with two arms that pivot sideways, and move up and down easily to allow for multiple movements. These features allow the user to perform a wide variety of isolateral exercises while standing, kneeling or sitting. According to the manufacturer, this one piece of equipment replaces the function of all the stations in a traditional Jungle Gym.
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BOOTH: 125

ASF International offers products and services that integrate with the technological advances of today. Increase your revenues through professional billing and collection work, implement the latest technology and develop a professional marketing campaign — all with the services from one company. ASF provides billing and processing services, ClubPRO 3000TM Interactive Management Software, tailored marketing programs, Internet account access, an online member payment site and more. Put the power of experience and innovation to work for you.
Circle Reader Service No. 142

BOOTH: 1317

The Pilates Club Program by Balanced Body offers a comprehensive package of equipment, instructor education, marketing support and program consultation. The program has a successful track record of creating new profit centers in clubs of all sizes. Versatile programming options include group Allegro classes, Allegro personal training, a complete Pilates studio, sport-specific conditioning, post-rehab and more.
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BOOTH: 1265

The Body Bar is a weighted fitness bar made of solid steel (less than 2-inch diameter) encased in easy grip durable rubber, for a secure and comfortable grip. The tips have smooth rubber caps for added safety. The Body Bar is easy to store, has no loose parts and will not damage floors. The bars range in weight from 4(2′), 9(4′), 12(4′), 15(4′), 24(4′) and 30(5′) pounds. The bar is utilized in a wide variety of workouts including strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, kickboxing and martial arts, sports conditioning, balance and alignment, Pilates and yoga-based workouts, and flexibility training. All Body Bar products are supported by the “Master Your Body” videos featuring top fitness instructors.
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BOOTH: 417

The CXi 213 Seated Rowing machine is just one machine from Body Masters' newest circuit of workout excellence, the CX Series. It features independent movement, rotating handles and freely pivoting arms, allowing a user-defined path; CAD-designed cams that provide natural strength resistance; vertical and horizontal seat adjustments on linear bearings; foot rests to provide user stability; and a contoured chest pad for user comfort.
Circle Reader Service No. 145

BOOTH: 466

Amerifit Insurance, exclusively through Brown & Brown Insurance, has been an active leader in the health club industry for more than 15 years. Brown & Brown strives to constantly research the marketplace to better its products and services. The health club department uses a team approach for customer service representatives, who are committed to the sports and fitness industry, professionally and personally.
Circle Reader Service No. 177

BOOTH: 410

CheckFree Health & Fitness provides the latest technology in club management software. For more than two decades, CheckFree helped leading clubs simplify every aspect of their operations. CheckFree RCM Solutions combines all of the necessary hardware, software and EFT services to get your club running. It is designed to make automating and managing all club financial, operational and membership functions simple, efficient and cost-effective.
Circle Reader Service No. 146

BOOTH: 166

ClubRunner delivers a stress-free, easy-to-learn total management system. The result is intuitive and comprehensive software designed to help club operators conduct their business profitably. ClubRunner installs quickly. Through the use of online help and pop-up menus, system commands are learned in minutes after installation. ClubRunner's Modular System embodies all of the management features club operators need to run their club efficiently, such as members, guests, utilities, daily backup, inventory, front desk and reports.
Circle Reader Service No. 147

BOOTH: 1227

As one of the leaders in the fitness industry, Cybex is proud to announce the launch of the Cybex Sport treadmill. This simple treadmill is designed specifically for the vertical market where low supervision and extreme ease-of-use are key product demands. The Cybex Sport features a rugged, fully welded steel frame, an elevation range of -2 to 15 percent and speeds up to 10 mph. Cybex also offers cycles, steppers and a complete line of strength-training equipment.
Circle Reader Service No. 148

BOOTH: 315

The Futrex 5000 Body Composition Analyzer provides quick, accurate, non-invasive body composition evaluations. According to Futrex, the company manufactures the industry's only portable analyzers that measure body fat using Near-Infrared Light. All Futrex professional models provide a fast printout that contains body fat percentage, BMI, lean body mass, fat body mass and hydration level. In-depth, full-color analysis reports can be generated using a printer that connects directly to the Futrex 5000.
Circle Reader Service No. 149

BOOTH: 1361

According to IFCN, the company is the world's only network specializing in integrating corporations and health insurance agencies with quality health and fitness clubs worldwide. Through its partnerships with quality health clubs and fitness suppliers, IFCN is able to provide for the fitness and wellness benefits of more than 30 million employees. Currently, there are thousands of clubs benefiting from their participation in IFCN.
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BOOTH: 549

Group Strength is an equipment system for group exercise classes that provides improved safety, versatility and usability. The rubber-encased standard plates feature integrated handgrips to facilitate quick and safe plate changes during a class, and can double as hand weights. Sets also include sturdy chromed straight bars that can hold up to 100 pounds and heavy-duty, commercial-grade Muscle Clamp collars. The secure-fitting collars keep plates from sliding off the bar and can be operated easily with one hand.
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BOOTH: 662

Ivanko introduces its new rubber E-Z Lift Plates. These rubber plates feature Ivanko's exclusive patented E-Z Lift design. Ivanko's rubber E-Z Lift Plates will not crack, chip, flake, peel, rust or tear like cast-iron painted or other non-rubber plates. Because its plates are rubber, they won't damage floors or upholstery. They also won't dent or scratch equipment. Ivanko's E-Z Lift rubber plates can easily be used with any style of plate racks without worrying about compression dents on equipment frames or other damage that can occur with other non-rubber plates. The E-Z Lift rubber plates, like all Ivanko E-Z Lift Plates, feature openings with a smooth radius and rounded edges for maximum comfort while grabbing the plates.
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BOOTH: 570

K&K Insurance Group Inc. offers a complete range of insurance services including marketing, underwriting, policy issuance and administration, loss control and claims. K&K offers insurance coverage for health/exercise clubs, personal training/aerobic studios, gyms, aquatic programs, racquet clubs, and sports and fitness instructors. The club program can include custom program rates, professional liability, flexible payment terms, tanning liability, “A” rated and admitted carrier, liquor liability, expanded property coverage and broadened liability coverage.
Circle Reader Service No. 153

BOOTH: 701

New to Hammer Strength's Iso-Lateral Plate-Loaded line is the Kneeling Leg Curl. This machine provides users of various sizes better alignment with the axis of rotation and better isolates the hamstring muscle during exercise. Its ergonomic design reduces back strain, and the pads swivel to support the knee while exercising the opposite leg. Handles are provided for stabilization during exercise.
Circle Reader Service No. 154

BOOTH: 571

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer NV, is a global publisher of health science books, journals and electronic media products. LWW is a proud partner of the American College of Sports Medicine and is the primary publisher of ACSM's certification resources, including ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription.
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BOOTH: 737

Magnum's Breaker Benches look like any other Olympic bench with uprights angled back. The difference is they are hinged on pillow block bearings. The lifter gets into a normal lifting position, reaches up and grips the bar. At this point the lifter can break the bar as he always has or he can have the Breaker Bench assist him by slowly pulling the bar forward rather than lifting it off the uprights. The bar will move into its position of power, eliminating the external rotation of the shoulders. Now users can lift the bar straight up. The uprights fall back into their normal position, out of the lifter's path. After completing the exercise set, the bar is re-racked as usual.
Circle Reader Service No. 156

BOOTH: 1419

The New Leaf Personal Exercise Program Kit contains the individual tools to develop scientifically based, individualized weight management and fitness programs. Used in conjunction with the New Leaf VO2 Assessment System, personal trainers determine the optimal exercise intensity levels for both fat loss and fitness improvement. Those levels are then set into the Personal Digital Coach (included in the kit) that is worn by the individual to verbally coach them through optimally effective exercise sessions.
Circle Reader Service No. 157

BOOTH: 125

Put the power of an experienced collection service to work for you and earn more money on your unpaid membership contracts. Merchants Interstate Collection Agency uses the latest technology to locate and collect the most money from your non-paying members, state company officials. Simply submit your unpaid contracts and let the Merchants collectors go to work for you. There are no start-up fees and all compensation is based on contingency. Turn your uncollectable accounts into additional revenue.
Circle Reader Service No. 158

BOOTH: 448

MicroFit's FAS-2 System and HealthWizard 5 software allow health care and fitness practitioners to provide patients, clients and health club members with fast, accurate and comprehensive health and fitness assessments. Sophisticated, yet flexible and simple to use, HealthWizard 5 features a seamlessly integrated suite of programs that includes Fitness Profile, Wellness Profile, SF-36 Health Survey, and Exercise and Diet Planner. HealthWizard 5 can be used independently or with MicroFit's FAS-2 Interactive testing hardware for standardized, computer-controlled assessments.
Circle Reader Service No. 159

BOOTH: 719

Introducing the new Nautilus multi-station. This new four-stack multi-station offers 11 different exercises. It features a space-saving footprint, and the bio-mechanically superior movements you expect from Nautilus equipment. Specific exercises include: leg press, abdominal crunch, leg extension, prone leg curl, incline chest, chest press, shoulder press, compound row, pec fly and rear delt.
Circle Reader Service No. 160

BOOTH: 641

NuStep TRS 4000, the original seated stepper, delivers an effective, low-impact, total-body workout by conditioning the cardiovascular and muscular systems simultaneously, according to the company. Features of the NuStep TRS 4000 include a comfortable swivel seat; a smooth, belt-driven eddy current system; and an easy-to-read display showing heart rate, METS, watts, total steps and calories.
Circle Reader Service No. 161

BOOTH: 1431

The “Pilates Mini-Ball Mat Video” is this year's most progressive Pilates Mat video, notes the manufacturer. A great gift for you or a client. The video includes a small stability ball used in most of the exercises. The program is a progressive approach to traditional mat exercises, all of which show the variations and modifications. The small stability ball offers support and resistance. One can expect wonderful changes in strength, flexibility and core stabilization in a short amount of time.
Circle Reader Service No. 162

BOOTH: 501

The EFX556 Total Body Elliptical product features ergonomic handlebars for working out the upper body. The fixed 25-degree ramp targets lower-body muscle groups and allows for the patented smooth elliptical forward and reverse motion. Features include the QuickStart button, exclusive Precor touch-sensitive console technology, 20 resistance levels, preprogrammed courses, magazine/book and water bottle holder.
Circle Reader Service No. 163

BOOTH: 1405

After a hard workout, championship sports event or other outdoor activities, your members can use Oxygen Shot for an energy boost. The Oxygen Shot vapor is a quick recovery therapy that rejuvenates and energizes the entire body, states the manufacturer. An Oxygen Shot to the face and mouth can restore your members to a healthy condition, making them feel refreshed and recharged, add company officials. Not only does it provide the benefits of oxygen, but keeping Oxygen Shot chilled allows its users to feel its cooling abilities. Oxygen Shot is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.
Circle Reader Service No. 164

BOOTH: 749

Engineered with aerospace technology, and successfully tested for 6,000 hours with up to a 600-pound load, the QRUZER is built to last a lifetime, states the manufacturer. The tubular frame, with a lifetime warranty, gives the cycle structural integrity. Other features include ergonomically designed rubber-dipped handlebars that provide a nonslip comfort grip; sure-stop handbrake that assures convenient safety; and stainless steel components that require less maintenance. Along with the QRUZER, Q-Sport LLC offers a new indoor cycling program that blends conventional cycling skills with established group fitness philosophies.
Circle Reader Service No. 165

BOOTH: 881

Salutron manufactures high-quality contact heart rate monitoring chips and sensors that give fast and accurate heart rate readings. Salutron also provides complete design, manufacturing and quality assurance consulting services. Salutron's manufacturing is certified by UL, CE, FDA, TUV, CSA and ISO-9000.
Circle Reader Service No. 166

BOOTH: 958

The 8300 total-body elliptical is the latest in a long line of innovative products from SportsArt. Featuring breakthrough, patented adjustable stride technology, the 8300 allows different size users the ability to customize stride length. This feature also varies the training effect for maximum results. Both stride length and resistance levels are adjusted from convenient switches located in the handles. Other features include contact heart rate, heart rate control, and a wide variety of preset and custom courses.
Circle Reader Service No. 167

BOOTH: 317

StageStep offers a revolutionary concept that reportedly makes life a whole lot less complicated — Total Solutions. From the entranceway to weight room, aerobic room, lobby, spa, running track, locker room, pool, basketball, multipurpose area and café, StageStep can provide materials, quotes, technical support, installation and maintenance products.
Circle Reader Service No. 168

BOOTH: 919

Check out the brand new offerings from Star Trac at Club Industry 2001. The unveiling of the brand new Star Trac treadmill will take place as the show opens. In addition, the new Pro Elliptical PLUS total-body elliptical trainer will make its first appearance, as well as the revolutionary new strength-training machine, the Star Trac Thruster.
Circle Reader Service No. 169

BOOTH: 431

Strive's patented Smart Strength technology is as simple as it is revolutionary. It breaks down the powerful myth that muscles work “all or none.” Strive utilizes a line of adjustable-cam weight machines that replace traditional single resistance curve machines, and activate more muscle fibers than any fixed-cam machine could, states the company.
Circle Reader Service No. 170

BOOTH: 475

The Tanita TBF-300A Goal Setter Body Composition Analyzer/Scale is a high-capacity (440 pounds maximum), powerful tool for professional use. This all-in-one tool makes it easy to help your members track fat loss. You simply enter a target body fat percentage. The Goal Setter feature tells you how much fat mass must be gained or lost to meet the target — in an instant! Printouts provide you with in-depth information for added value. It only weighs 24 pounds and is also very portable.
Circle Reader Service No. 171

BOOTH: 260

Troy Barbell's Quite Iron line of rubber-encased products feature Troy's new interlocking grip plate and is also available in Pro-Style and Hex-Style dumbbells. In addition, Troy Barbell features a full line of commercial-quality cable attachments and Power Bars, highlighted by the original Texas Power Bar.
Circle Reader Service No. 172

BOOTH: 1249

VersaPulley is the only high-low pulley strength machine that utilizes an infinitely variable cam, notes the manufacturer. It provides 100 percent compliant resistance with no machine adjustments — it resists any force you exert. Two people can work out at the same time — at each other's own maximum ability. It offers complete free range of motion movements enabling the user to push, pull, lift, jab, rotate, swing, bat, row and more.
Circle Reader Service No. 173

BOOTH: 1449

Vortex gives trainers and club members a new approach based on technology that allows for creativity in the workout. More than just building strength for specific muscle groups and movement patterns, it simultaneously strengthens the body's core muscle structure so that physical performance is enhanced in all areas and for all functions on a single machine, states the manufacturer.
Circle Reader Service No. 174

BOOTH: 873

YogaFit Training for Fitness Instructors is a two-and-a-half-day workshop that will give participants all the tools they need to create dynamic, user-friendly, fitness-oriented yoga classes. Attendees will learn correct physical execution, modifications, injury prevention, cueing, transitions and the body/mind connection. Training includes class formats, comprehensive manual and discounts on mats/merchandise. YogaFit is the only ACE, AFAA and IHRSA approved yoga training program for the fitness industry. 1.5 ACE CECs and 15 AFAA CEUs are provided. YogaFit is the official yoga training company for Town Sports, 24 Hour Fitness and Bally Total Fitness.
Circle Reader Service No. 175

(Exhibitors current as of Oct. 6, 2001.)

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