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New E-Zone “i” Series Interactive Screens

15.1-inch picture-in-picture personal viewing screens permit simultaneous viewing of network programming and customized music video programming. With one touch, audio streams switch between the different screens. Video-on-demand provides instant access to movie trailers, book reviews, music summaries, training instructions, etc. Operators can deliver text messages through screens. Mounted on a freestanding screen or can be directly mounted on some cardiovascular units. Also designed to fit on pre-existing E-Zone racks.

New E-Zone “t” Series Interactive Screens

Leveraging E-Zone's time proven installation base of over five years and 15,000 screens, the updated 15.1 inch E-Zone “t” Series screen provides crystal clear images from extended viewing angles and can even provide video-on-demand of customized music video programming when integrated with ClubCom network services. Mounted on a freestanding screen or can be directly mounted on some cardiovascular units. Also designed to fit on pre-existing E-Zone racks.

Cardio Theater Wireless Entertainment Featuring MaxJack Technology

Cardio Theater wireless systems provide up to 52 channels of entertainment in the cardiovascular area permitting an unlimited number of users to tune in at once. Features advanced wireless technologies for the highest audio quality available and universal compatibility with any 900-megahertz system. Patent-pending headphone jack eliminates the direct stress applied to electronic contact points as users insert and remove headphones. It also eliminates sweat and water from reaching electronic components.

Cardio Theater Fitness FM

Fitness FM is a state-of-the-art entertainment system that enables club members to use their own personal radios to tune in to a variety of television and music selections. This wireless system makes use of an FM transmitter, offers easy-access frequency controls, and is easy to install and maintain. Other features include: Phase Lock Loop Tuning to ensure the best possible signal and the largest transmission range. LED bar graph display allows for fast and easy adjustments.

New Cardio Theater MaxJack-International (863)

Incorporating the technological advantages of the domestic MaxJack, the international MaxJack represents Cardio Theater's first international wireless system. Featuring 863-megahertz wireless technologies, our international customers can now enjoy the benefits of going wireless with all the unique advantages offered by Cardio Theater.

Cardio Theater Max Jack — CTI The MaxJack CTI wired entertainment system is available for both domestic and international customers. This greatly enhanced wired system incorporates the benefits of our MaxJack headphone jack technologies and includes a number of advanced service features such as LED troubleshooting indicators for each unit.

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