Trainers Have 13 Opportunities to Earn CEUs Specific to Training

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This year's Club Industry Show, Oct. 4-6 at the Hilton Chicago, offers 13 sessions in the Active Training and Personal Training tracks, all of which are available for continuing education credits from a variety of certifying agencies.

The following credits are available for each of these agencies:

AFAA: 1.0

ACE: 0.1

NASM: 0.1

NETA: 1.25 (on some Wednesday and Thursday sessions), 1.0 (on some Friday sessions)

NSCA: 0.15 (on some Wednesday and Thursday sessions), 0.1 (on some Friday sessions)


SCW: 1.25 (Wednesday and Thursday sessions), 1.0 (Friday sessions)

WITS: 0.5

The Active Training track is sponsored by Power Systems and the Personal Training track is sponsored by WITS.

Following are the sessions from which to choose:

Balancing Act: Get Your Clients Steady & Ready

Ilene Bergelson of LifeMoves Health will share how to help your athletes and seniors to improve their balance immediately and continue to improve performance over time. You will walk away with ideas you can give your clients and class participants to feel steadier and readier for their lives.

7 Factors that Create Outstanding Boomer Workouts

Learn seven factors to create life-enhancing workouts for Baby Boomers who have accumulated aches and pains through years of living in front of their bodies, producing head misalignment, rounded shoulders, hunched posture, and stretched or weak backs. Kymberly Williams-Evans of Fun and Fit: Active Aging for BoomChickaBoomers, will show you how to design exercises that allow them to maintain function and expand, not shrink, capabilities.

Short Circuits: Mastering the 30-Minute Training Model

Former NFL player Michael Piercy, owner of The LAB, will share with you some truths about what clients want from their workouts, how to create a 30-minute client experience, how to program for measureable results, how to price your services and how to market the 30-minute model.

Dumbbell Complex Training

Learn how to introduce complex training method to partner and small group training to increase revenue and client retention. In this interactive workshop by Ellie Ciolfi of Fitness Rx, participants will learn how to intensify workouts using 2 - 3 - 4 movement complexes. Participants will also learn three ways to execute dumbbell complexes: in succession, sequence and combination.

14-Minute Metabolic Workouts

Jason Karp of Run-Fit LLC shares 14-minute metabolic workouts that help your time-crunched clients. You’ll experience a number of scientifically designed 14-minute metabolic workouts to use with your clients and develop new programming immediately.

Coaching vs. Training: Athletic-Based Circuits for Small and Large Group Training

Find out from Bennie Wylie Jr. how to use high-level coaching and programming techniques in sports-based circuits that identify different training focuses and goals with all clients, not just athletes.

Age Appropriate Exercise Rx

Brad LaRocque and Mike Andrews of Right Fit Sport Fitness will share in this session solutions to make your clients' functional movement and postures balanced, efficient and pleasurable. They will inform you about the physiological changes after age 40 that are clear solutions for mobility and vitality at any age. This session will discuss appropriate exercises, progressions, fitness tools and results.

Insights to Obstacle Course Racing & How Your Facility Can Get Involved

Obstacle course racing (OCR) has been the fastest growing participatory sport for more than seven years. This interactive session, presented by Yancy Culp, owner of, will cover the full scope of this popular sport and how to implement a few things in your facility to maximize your ability to appeal to every OCR participant who steps into your club.

Basic Assessment Techniques 101

Do you know what exercises to choose when training a client? Are your exercise choices particular to the client’s biomechanics? This presentation will give you the tools needed to assess different postures and body types with the goal of choosing an appropriate exercise protocol. This session, led by Lisa Coors of Coors Core Fitness, is a combination lecture and lab focused on teaching trainers the “eye” needed to assess their client so they can identify different postures along with knee, shoulder and hip dysfunctions just by applying basic screening techniques.

Revenue, Retention and Referrals for Trainers and Studios

Michelle Blakely of See Jake and Jane Train will share the solutions to the three main pain points for trainers. These solutions will help increase annual income, improve the retention of existing clients and ensure high-quality leads.

Building Your Boomers: Techniques to Recruit, Maintain and Train Older Adults

Recruiting active older adults to your facility can be challenging. Find out from Abby Eastman of WITS some specific marketing techniques that target their unique needs and learn how to create a diverse functional training program to meet the needs of older adults so they come back for more.

Bringing the Personal Back to Training

Vic Spatola, director of personal training at Greenwood Athletic Club will teach you the techniques you need to personalize a training session and ask the right question to discover what clients really want to get out of training.

The One-On-One Personal Training Industry is Not Dead

Mike Trotter will share a step-by-step process during a complementary session that will hook new clients by showing them the value of hiring you. When applied correctly, this process turns "I can't afford personal training" into "I can't afford not have a personal trainer."

The show also offers CEUs for other sessions in other tracks. View those here

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