Club Industry’s Ambassadors Are Four People You Should Know

2019 Club Industry Brand Ambassadors
This year's Club Industry Brand Ambassadors are (left to right): Luke Carlson with Discover Strength, Doug Ribley with Cleveland Clinic Akron General, Michelle Blakely with See Jake and Jane Train and Greg McCoy with Greg McCoy Training and Coaching.

What do one of the premier leadership speakers, a top medical wellness expert, a respected personal training consultant and an enthusiastic personal trainer in the industry have in common? They are all Club Industry brand ambassadors. Oh, and they are also speaking at this year’s Club Industry Show, Oct. 9-11 at the Hilton Chicago.

Club Industry is excited to announce our 2019 brand ambassadors, all of whom have spoken at the Club Industry Show for multiple years.

Luke Carlson, founder and owner of Discover Strength, is an expert on leadership topics, expertise that he has shared at the Club Industry Show since 2015. He has presented on topics such as how to understand your numbers to manage your business’s finances, how to compete in a competitive landscape, questions to ask to build your strategy’s foundation. This year, he will present in the leadership track on strategy and execution.

Carlson shared this about his experience at the Club Industry Show: "Sharpen the saw is the principle that states we must step back from the work, from the ‘doing’ and focus on improving ourselves—our capacity as leaders, managers and fitness professionals. Club Industry is an irreplaceable component of the fitness leader's professional development calendar. Engaging in the conference provides the perfect balance of learning, connecting with colleagues, and inspiration. Howard Shultz, the long-time CEO of Starbucks said, and I paraphrase, that we all assume that if we are passionate about something, we will go learn more about it. Shultz has observed the inverse of this; when we learn more about a subject, our passion for that subject grows. Club Industry is the perfect event to grow your passion for our industry, for the organization you work in and for the important work we all do as fitness leaders."

Doug Ribley, senior vice president, health and wellness services at Cleveland Clinic, Akron General, has a long background in medical wellness and has spoken at the 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 Club Industry Shows. This year, he will share his expertise in his presentation, “The Changing Healthcare Landscape: How to Maximize the Opportunity,” in the Healthcare & Fitness Integration Summit occurring at this year’s Club Industry Show.

Ribley said this about the Club Industry Show: "What makes the Club Industry Show a meaningful experience and notable value is the fact that the educational sessions are informative, current and led by knowledgeable industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their expertise for the betterment of the attendees and the industry. Those who have successful careers in this industry understand the value of a robust professional network. Through my Club Industry participation, I have met mentors, advisors and friends who have had a profound impact on me personally and professionally."

Michelle Blakely, founder and owner of See Jake and Jane Train, took her experience as a studio owner into her consulting business for personal trainers. She began speaking at the Club Industry Show in 2017 and served as a brand ambassador last year, too, visiting an array of health clubs in the Chicago market to spread the word about the Club Industry Show. This year, Blakely will offer a presentation entitled “The Secrets of Quality Revenue, Retention and Referrals.”

Blakely said: "Club Industry inspires, supports and offers an opportunity to network every time I attend. I have made some incredible career contacts, and my experience attending various talks and keynotes have been game changing. I am honored to encourage others to attend theses valuable sessions as a Club Industry Ambassador."

Greg McCoy, owner, McCoy Training and Coaching, is an independent personal trainer with experience as a marketing professional and as co-owner and general manager of a fitness facility. McCoy made his debut at the Club Industry Show last year presenting on how to amplify your brand and revenue with event marketing. This year, his presentation is “The Hands-On Trainer’s Guide to Online Training.”

McCoy said this about the Club Industry Show: "There are a lot of ways to continually educate yourself as a fitness professional these days: podcasts, videos, webinars, books, etc. All these mediums have their place, but it’s impossible to replace an immersive experience like the Club Industry Show. The week at the Club Industry Show is one of the most important weeks of the year, and the things you learn in those days can keep you energized and improving until it’s time to go back the next year.” 

Register for the Club Industry Show today so you don’t miss out on the knowledge and growth you will receive from these industry leaders and others. Register now by going here.

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