International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), a certifier of personal trainers, says it has acquired Empowered Education, a provider of functional nutrition, health coaching, and life coaching and the parent company of the Health Coaching Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance.
Building upon last year's acquisition of the Functional Aging Institute and recent program launches at ISSA of its own health coaching course, and Yoga Alliance® approved 200-hour Yoga certification course, ISSA says it remains focused on expanding its reach to businesses, professionals and individuals across the fitness, wellness and health continuum.
According to ISSA, key highlights of the acquisition of Empowered Education include:
•    Synergistic Vision: The union of ISSA and Empowered Education introduces complimentary brands, industry-leading curricula, and a shared dedication to empowering healthier lives. This synergy will enable ISSA to unveil an expanded range of courses that cater to evolving consumer needs.
•    Collaborative Experience: The acquisition will integrate the talented teams from both organizations, fostering a collaborative team where expertise and best practices can be shared. This sharing of knowledge will not only accelerate innovation but also contribute to a seamless transition for students and partners.
•    Student-Centric Approach: Students remain at the center of ISSA's business, and this acquisition is aimed at delivering even greater value to them. The organization remains committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability, and support that ISSA and Empowered Education are known for individually.
•    Enlarged Community Base: Addition of more than 36,000 members of the Health Coach Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance to ISSA's existing base of more than 500,000 students in its history creates a unique community for future collaboration and learning.

About International Sports Sciences Association
International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is the global leader in online fitness and wellness certifications. For 35 years, ISSA has been committed to delivering comprehensive, cognitive, and practical education grounded in industry research. Rooted in Certified Personal Training certifications, ISSA offers over 50 fitness and wellness certifications and specializations, including a Yoga Alliance-recognized Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Course, Certified Personal Training en Español, Health Coaching, Nutrition, and more. ISSA was the first personal training certification and is now the #1 certifier of personal trainers.  ISSA has educated nearly half a million trainers across 176 countries while driving toward their vision to connect 100 million people to the power of healthy living by 2030.

About Empowered Education
Empowered Education has trained more than 36,000 coaches and practitioners around the world in a new healthcare paradigm that is fundamentally changing the landscape of health and how we treat lifestyle disease. Through our online training programs and live events, our graduates are equipped to work directly with clients or patients, or partner with doctors and allied functional medicine professionals. Our practitioners work to identify the root cause of illness and provide their patients with the critical support and our coaches provide the accountability clients need to make lasting transformation and thrive in health and life.  Empowered Education is the parent company of Health Coach Institute and Functional Nutrition Alliance — the leading online schools for health coaches and wellness practitioners.