I like California more than Missouri this time of year.


I'm happy to report that I have landed in sunny, beautiful and warm California. My goodness, how I needed a break from winter, and I didn't even realize it until I stepped off the plane. In fact, my aforementioned illness seems to like it out here, as my symptoms are quickly improving with the sunshine.

Although I've only been in San Diego for the IHRSA show for about four hours, I've already had quite the experience here. First, I encountered either one of the world's strongest men or a professional bodybuilder or someone from the UFC...or all three...I'm not sure. Regardless, he was a big dude and took a liking to me. Chatting me up and following me around. When my husband found out, he wasn't thrilled. He's not usually the jealous type, but, apparently, men who are 5'8" and 400 pounds of pure muscle scare him. Honestly, despite working in this industry, they scare me, too.

I also got my first dose of San Diego locals. During my 10-minute cab ride from the airport to the hotel, my driver had quite the fit of road rage. After a car cut us off, he actually leaned out the window, calling the car's driver "a stupid idiot," and dropping the "f" bomb a few times. He later apologized for both the screeching breaks and the cursing, but, believe me, I wasn't his best tipper of the day. I just don't get how you could have so much pent-up anger in a place adorned with palm trees and aglow in sunshine. My driver should move to Kansas City. This morning it was 20 degrees there, and I had to de-ice my car. Now that's cause for anger!

Now, I'm now on my way onto the trade show floor for its 1 p.m. grand opening. I'm sure I'll have many more stories to tell, along with notes from sessions, keynotes and booth visits. Pam will also be blogging lots, too! --Jennipher

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