Orangetheory Opens 500th Studio, Names Erin Andrews Brand Ambassador

<p>As Orangetheory&#39;s new brand ambassador, Erin Andrews will spread the company&#39;s &ldquo;Keep Burning&rdquo; philosophy, in addition to launching forthcoming marketing campaign &ldquo;There Is No After.&rdquo; (Photo courtesy Orangetheory.)</p>

Orangetheory Fitness on Monday opened its 500th location in the neighborhood of Ballard in Seattle. To mark this milestone, the company announced Erin Andrews, Fox Sports broadcaster and host of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” would become its brand ambassador, according to a press release provided to Club Industry.

“From the moment I first stepped into the studio, I knew I was going to love Orangetheory Fitness,” said Andrews, an Orangetheory member. “I’ve been around sports and fitness my entire life and can honestly say that I haven’t experienced a brand with a leadership team that exudes as much passion as Orangetheory. Their scientifically designed workout truly produces results, and I’m excited to partner with them to continue raising awareness about this incredible fitness concept.”

As brand ambassador, Andrews will spread Orangetheory’s “Keep Burning” philosophy, in addition to launching forthcoming marketing campaign “There Is No After.” The campaign aims to further promote the science behind the brand and its methods—specifically how members strive to live in a constant state of improvement. It kicks off on Jan. 1.

“We knew when we opened our first studio six years ago that we were onto something,” said Dave Long, co-founder and chief executive officer of Orangetheory Fitness. “But what we’ve experienced with Orangetheory Fitness has simply blown me away. We’re excited to celebrate what we’ve accomplished thus far but are continuing to plan for an even more successful future. Trust me when I say, we are just getting started.” 

Orangetheory has had a 69 percent increase in studio openings since this time last year, according to the press release. The company’s first studio opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in March 2010, and it now offers locations in 40 states and seven countries. The company’s goal is to open 700 studios by 2017.