New York Sports Clubs Staff Saves Life

WESTCHESTER, NY -- Two trainers at New York Sports Clubs Somers in Westchester, NY, recently saved a member’s life with the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

On Sept. 21, Melanie Scala and Deborah Maher came to the aid of 71-year-old club member Frank Schmidt, who had a heart attack and stopped breathing while sitting next to one of the club’s machines. Scala and Maher used the AED to revive Schmidt until EMTs arrived at the club and took Schmidt to a nearby hospital.

One of the EMTs later said had Scala and Maher not revived Schmidt, he would not have survived. Other club staff members, as well as a nurse who was in the club at the time, also are credited with assisting Schmidt.

Alex Alimanestianu, the CEO of Town Sports International, whose brands include New York Sports Clubs, says Schmidt is recovering and doing well.

“Providing a safe environment for our members is a top priority, and I’m extremely proud of how our club team handled the situation and put their professional life-saving training into action,” Alimanestianu said. “All of TSI honors and thanks them for their responsiveness and heroism under extreme circumstances and for saving a life.”

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