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How to Grow and Differentiate Your Business Using Sustainable Business Practices


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Has your gym/facility taken a serious look at integrating sustainable business practices? It’s not just about trying to save the world anymore. We’re talking real business benefits such as attracting and retaining members who are increasingly passionate about sustainability. Or how about saving operating costs by harnessing your members' human energy? Or even possibly being eligible for grants and tax savings by implementing energy saving/producing products and practices in your facility?

Join us in a compelling discussion including real world gym owners who have implemented these strategies, and are seeing incredible results in growing their business through sustainable business practices and strategies.


Jose Avina
Jose is a US veteran serving in the Marines and is the owner of California's first sustainable gym, Sacramento Eco Fitness. His gym is the first gym in the state to be run with people power. With sustainable practices and energy producing equipment, Jose hopes to power the entire gym and nearby businesses. 

Paul Crane
Paul is the Owner and Founder of Eco Gym, previously known as BeachFit, which is the first sustainable gym in the UK. Eco Gym is revolutionizing green fitness by offering its members an incentive program that offers membership discounts based on the amount of energy you produce. The more you work out, the more energy you put back on the grid, the more money you save. 

Adam Zellner
Adam is President of Greener By Design, a company that is built on a foundation of economics, finance, and sustainable planning. Adam works directly with a variety of corporate and government entities that focus on energy and sustainability issues, with clientele that includes several Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he continues to work on policy issues that affect a variety of elected officials and governments, both in the United States and abroad, that contain a special interest in integrating emerging technologies.


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