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Free Webinar Maximize Your Cardio Space: 4 Tips to Make Your Purchasing Dollars Go Further for Members

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Trends in the fitness industry seem to change with the seasons. New trends come in and others fade into the past, but the fact remains that cardio equipment is still the most commonly used exercise equipment in traditional facilities. In today’s purchasing landscape, owners have to deal with a nearly constant struggle of what their members want, what they actually need, and what the gym has on its floor. Most members want their cardio in traditional treadmills and ellipticals that offer an easy to use and familiar experience, while a dedicated few loudly proclaim the need for a specific single-use machine or a higher intensity option. It can be difficult to navigate purchasing options, meet the needs of a member base, and maximize the gyms available floor space, all while staying on budget.

Matt Thorsen will discuss 4 major keys to maximizing your cardio space by analyzing trends in the industry and taking a closer look at some important decision-making factors.

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Matt Thorsen, MS

Matt Thorsen is the Product Manager at SportsArt. Matt uses his experience as a collegiate athlete, personal trainer, and Masters degree in Exercise Science to bring new insights and approaches to the fitness industry. Matt currently leads the development of new products worldwide that follow the highest standards for biomechanics excellence while maximizing the usage for members and club owners alike