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Running a health club can be a tiresome experience full of questions you wish you would have asked but did not, questions that seemed off-limits or uncomfortable to bring up. We are going to push past the taboo and get into the unfiltered questions that will actually make a difference for you and your club.

As a former gym owner turned industry sales rep, SportsArt’s Justin Tillinghast will be sharing the questions he wished he would have asked, as well as the questions gym owners across the country currently face.

Join Justin for this hour to get the answers you need but that many manufacturers don’t want you to know so that you can navigate the fitness industry like a veteran pro. The insights you gain will help you make educated decisions for your business that align with your gym's values, your current budget and your vision for the future.


Justin Tillinghast
Eastern Regional Sales Manager

Justin Tillinghast is the eastern regional sales manager for SportsArt Fitness, which is transforming kinetic energy from exercise into sustainable energy resources for some of the top health clubs, colleges and universities, and facilities worldwide. Before going green, Tillinghast spent 20 years in the fitness and sports industry as vice president of sales at Helsinki University Research (HUR), key account manager – medical at Technogym, and key account manager at Star Trac Fitness.

In addition to a career as a sales leader, Tillinghast owned and operated a 7,500-square-foot sports performance facility, AthleteU, before selling it in 2017. Tillinghast knows competition having coached high school and collegiate baseball, while also having served as general manager for Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. at Ripken Baseball in Aberdeen, Maryland. Tillinghast holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in sports science and is pursuing his PhD in sports and performance psychology. He is a former Marine having served from 1992–1995 with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable, and 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines.


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This webinar is now available on-demand. If you have already registered for it, go here to access the webinar.