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Balanced Body’s new Allegro 2 Reformer incorporates a number of features to make the classic Pilates machine easier for members to use. The Allegro 2’s EasySet foot bar allows users of any body type and size to adjust it with one hand or with their feet while lying on the carriage. Its SoftTouch rope system lets users remain in position on the carriage for one-touch rope adjustments without the use of metal clips, which helps maintain the flow of a Pilates workout and creates a quieter experience. The potential uses of the Allegro 2 are expanded with optional accessories, including a tower, a mat conversion, a sitting box and reformer legs.


The Fitness Audio MT-U8 cableless microphone system by AV Now Fitness Sound has a compact transmitter that is built directly onto the sweatresistant Aeromic, Cyclemic or E-mic headset frame. It has specially designed O-ring seals, marine-grade varnish on the circuit board and a sealed, single push-button power switch. An eight-channel frequency-agile transmitter and receiver combination offers flexible operation in the toughest wireless areas.


The EVO indoor cycle was developed by Relay Fitness Group to recapture the fun feeling associated with riding a bike. Its uniquely designed frame incorporates Relay’s RAMP (rolling, articulating mounted pivot) that sways with the users’ body movements, just like a road bike, encouraging users to engage their core muscles to maintain balance. The RAMP frame also can be locked in place for a more traditional indoor cycling experience. EVO cycles are available with both racing and hybrid style seats, which can be adjusted for height and coupled with up/down and fore/aft movement on the InfiniteFit handlebars to allow a comfortable, ergonomic ride for every level of user. The EVO ix, cx and mx models all come standard with an Advanced+ computer to offer users feedback on their workouts.


Harbinger Fitness knee wraps are designed to provide maximum support and stability and to aid proper knee position during weightlifting. Harbinger’s Red Line knee wraps are made of competitiongrade elastic and have an extended 78-inch length for complete coverage while wrapping. Its Power knee wraps incorporate heavyweight elastic in a 72-inch length for stability. Both lines are now available in black to meet customer requests for darker wraps that show less dirt after lifting sessions. Harbinger’s full range of fitness products includes gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats.