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ClickMix is an online music mixing service tailored to fitness instructors and workout enthusiasts. ClickMix uses online technology to provide instructors with the ability to customize the song selection, order and beats per minute of a mix. The final product is mixed with no gaps between tracks and can be downloaded and burned to a CD within minutes. With access to thousands of 32-count edited songs from Power Music's library, users have many options for classes. Users can add tracks to a playlist, preview the transition between each of the songs as they are mixed together, change the order of the songs and change the tempo of the songs, all prior to purchasing. A built-in one-click CD burner program, which is specific to each mix, allows users to burn their mix to a CD with no gaps. Users may also transfer their custom music to any MP3 player, including an iPod. ClickMix requires a $50 annual membership. Each track costs $1.99 and may be used in up to three mixes before subscribers have to repurchase them. Users are required to have a Windows PC with a broadband connection and a working CD burner in order to use the service.
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ERC Wiping Products' Equipment and Surface Wipes are ideal for gyms or fitness centers. These 7-inch-by-9-inch wipes are manufactured using the same formula as leading brands. They are packaged two rolls to a case with 1,000 sheets on each roll. The wipes can remove sweat and grime from the most common surfaces found in a gym or fitness center without leaving a messy residue. They are safe to use on benches, leg and arm pads, metal plating, rubber surfaces, hand grips, tanning beds and electronic panels. The wipes are a low-cost solution to provide a healthier and safer environment to members.
Contact: ERC Wiping Products Inc.; phone: 800-225-9473; e-mail: [email protected];

Functional Trainer

Matrix Fitness Systems' Functional Trainer features more than 200 exercise options, 10 standard accessories (including golf and baseball bat handles), pulleys that can be adjusted easily with one hand for multiple exercise positions, ergonomically designed handles, an attached instructional placard with detailed illustrations demonstrating how to correctly perform 28 exercises, multi-grip pull-up and rock-climbing handles, dual 300-pound and 400-pound weight stacks, and a 1:4 resistance ratio for low starting resistance and low inertia. The Functional Trainer also has an integrated accessory panel. The swiveling panel keeps all of the machine's exercise accessories within easy reach of the user and helps facilities maintain a clutter-free workout space. The Trainer also features an integrated fold-away step that is designed to help shorter exercisers comfortably reach the pull-up and rock-climbing handles. Ideal for high-speed sports training movements, such as throwing or swinging, the trainer boasts equal, continuous tension with no cable slack throughout fast or slow motions.
Contact: Matrix Fitness Systems Corp.; phone: 866-693-4863;

Tennis Gloves

Bionic Tennis Gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand specialist with feedback from professional and Olympic athletes regarding comfort, fit and performance. The gloves provide a number of benefits to tennis players, giving wearers greater racket control while keeping hands fresh and strong for long matches. The gloves also help reduce blisters and calluses. Made from Cabretta leather palm, the gloves are soft and feel like a second skin. A patented anatomical pad system also maximizes grip strength. The glove's pads fill in the palm-side valleys between finger joints, which allow the hands to have more contact with the racket, a good feature for players with arthritic hands. Motion, web and expansion zones throughout the glove provide complete flexibility and comfort without sacrificing the feel of the racket or touch on the ball. The glove's Coolon moisture-control technology evaporates perspiration quickly to reduce slippage.
Contact: Bionic; phone: 1-877-524-6642;

Strength Training

The Lebert Equalizer can be configured in many angles to accommodate specific needs and work muscles from a variety of angles. It is safe, lightweight, easy to store and transport, and adds a new dimension to a club's group exercise classes, personal training sessions, boot camps and sports team trainings. Participants of any fitness level can perform compound bodyweight strength training exercises on the product. Usually, the only adjustment users need to make on the machine is leg placement. There are no moving pieces or pins to change. The product comes as a set and includes a laminated exercise poster and a beginner/intermediate exercise DVD. The Lebert Equalizer retails for $99, plus taxes and shipping.
Contact: The Lebert Equalizer; e-mail: [email protected];

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