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City Blends' new modified system, the City MiNi program, is designed for smaller footprint clubs and personal training/functional studios that may not have the clientele to support a full-blown juice bar. This new system is a compact, hand-pour program that uses a powerful tabletop blender, in lieu of the original BD-8 Blender Dispenser. The program allows club owners to offer the same City Blends smoothie menu to customers where space and finances are limited. The City MiNi program is a more economical option that is just right for customers looking to add a smoothie bar at a lower buy-in cost.

Contact: City Blends Smoothie Café Ltd.; phone: 877-525-3637;


Bradley's new Individual Coverall Wall Shower was designed to help facility managers save time, money and space on both installation and maintenance. The streamlined, pre-assembled design greatly reduces installation time with no extra work required to mount the unit onto the wall. The valve bodies and components of the shower are easily accessible from the front or by unscrewing the unit from the wall. Perfect for tight spaces, the compact and flexible Coverall Wall Shower easily accommodates both exposed and concealed piping, so there is no need to cut into the shower room tile during renovations, providing an ideal shower solution for recreational and health club facilities.

Contact: Bradley Corp.; phone: 800-272-3539;


Magneat is a personal electronics accessory that helps with headphone wire management and is designed to attach to virtually any type of fitness clothing. Magneat is the size of a half-dollar coin and features a two-part design consisting of a circular, wraparound headphone wire piece and a powerful magnetic clip piece that combine to attach the Magneat to clothes. Users can organize and control the length, motion and weight of their headphone or earbud wires, minimizing the risk of tangling and relieving the ears from the weight of the wires. Magneat is available in a variety of colors and design patterns that are constantly evolving and expanding. Magneat is especially useful for joggers, bicyclists and gym goers.

Contact: Magneat; phone: 646-454-9378;


The DynaMax Core Trainer is a new hand-held device designed to replace many free-weight exercises while providing a powerful upper body and core workout. It works by using dynamic resistance from the product's internal gyroscope. It weighs 3 pounds and can generate up to 8,000 RPMs while producing up to 200 pounds of resistance. The DynaMax features variable body sculpting resistance, so people can work out at their own pace. The faster the internal gyroscope spins, the more resistance users experience.

Contact: DynaFlex International; phone: 714-757-6557;


FitWall is more than a climbing wall — it is a gravity training product that allows users to engage in a total body workout and burn up to 900 calories per hour. The FitWall allows people to move and hold their bodies up against the force of gravity so their abs are constantly engaged. Plus, while using FitWall, multiple groups of muscles are always fighting against gravity to burn calories, shape the body, improve hand-eye coordination and core balance. The FitWall can be installed anywhere, indoors or out, where there is adequate support. It also can be easily disassembled and relocated.

Contact: FitWall; phone: 307-638-4046;


Signature Fencing and Flooring's new division, Signature Sports Flooring, features five products. They are: SignaFlor, a pad and pour product that creates a synthetic, seamless surface easily renewed and customized; SignaFlex, a rolled vinyl product with a real wood appearance that is easy-to-install and suitable for several athletic surfaces; SignaFlexAqua, a slip-resistant, waterproof floor ideal for barefoot traffic areas, such as poolside, steam rooms and shower areas; RubberDeck, a shock absorbent, Earth-friendly flooring made from high-quality recycled rubber; and TempoTile, a line of multipurpose modular flooring tiles that will provide a raised, durable surface suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Signature Sports Flooring will distribute, install and provide maintenance for all types of sports flooring, including those used at fitness centers, gymnasiums, aerobic rooms, multipurpose floors, locker areas, and other indoor/outdoor athletic surfaces.

Contact: Signature Fencing and Flooring; phone: 212-953-1116;


Perf Go Green cleaning products are all natural and highly effective. Products include multipurpose cleaners, odor eliminators, stain removers, bathroom cleaners and glass cleaners that use nanotechnology in the form of microscopic electrically charged particles. The nanotechnology combined with a proprietary formula of plant-based ingredients allows Perf Go Clean products to cut through dirt and grime and emulsify organic matter. The cleaning products are biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, non-flammable and non-corrosive. Plus, all packaging is made with recycled materials, even the sprayer, which has no metal coil.

Contact: Perf Go Green; phone: 212-935-3550;

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