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If you haven't already seen them on NBC's “The Biggest Loser,” Marpo Rope Trainers are like upper-body treadmills with the benefits of rope climbing/pulling and then some. The innovative design builds on the principles of free motion exercise and effectively allow for a variety of conditioning and rehabilitative applications. Marpo Kinetics will be demonstrating its four unique models at the IHRSA convention, booth 239 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 14-17.

The V250 Rope Trainer allows for full reach for even taller users, a true rope-climbing feel for grip strength and upper body training as well as bi-directional rope pull for full-body workouts.

The VMX Rope Trainer with variable rope height allows for a wide range of applications. Pull overhand or underhand at three different angles, with the seven resistance settings to train for strength or endurance for any number of workout combinations and athletic training programs.

The VLT Rope Trainer, like the V250, has a quick release seat for wheelchair accessibility and bi-directional rope pull for full-body conditioning but accommodates areas with restrictive ceiling heights and is ADA certified (tax credit eligible) as a bonus incentive, making it a popular choice for chiropractic, physical therapy and general fitness facilities alike.

The Vector Rope Trainer with many of the same strength and cardio conditioning benefits of the Vector is a portable and lighter weight unit—an excellent choice for classes or where portability is a must.

Visit Marpo Kinetics booth 239 at IHRSA and get hands-on demonstrations and learn more about how Marpo is bringing new life to clubs and fitness facilities everywhere.
Booth No. 239

This company is an exhibitor at IHRSA and an advertiser in the February 2012 issue of Club Industry.

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