Johnson Health Tech Recalls Strength Training Towers

Johnson Health Tech is recalling this multistation strength training unit due to faulty plastic connectors Photo courtesy of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission
<p>Johnson Health Tech is recalling this multi-station strength training unit due to faulty plastic connectors. <em>Photo courtesy of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.</em></p>

Johnson Health Tech, the Cottage Grove, WI-based manufacturer of Matrix Fitness and Magnum Fitness products, is recalling about 1,100 of its Magnum and Matrix Fitness 900 Pro Series multi-station strength training towers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall last Friday. However, Johnson Health Tech addressed the issue in a press release on March 6.

The recall involves the plastic connectors that link the towers on the strength training stations. The connectors can slide out or break, causing the towers to tip and pose an injury hazard.

"The risk of tipping is greater if the multi-station towers are configured in a line configuration or an open-ended loop configuration rather than a closed-ended loop configuration," the company stated in its press release. "This only involves towers sold for multi-station configurations where the plastic connectors are used to connect the towers. Towers sold as free-standing units do not have a tip hazard because additional frame supports are required for the free-standing units."

Johnson Health Tech is aware of three incidents in which the connectors slid out or broke. One of the incidents resulted in a laceration near the eye socket of a user.

The strength training units for the Magnum tower stations were sold from December 2008 through July 2013, and the strength training units for the Magnum tower stations were sold from July 2013 through November 2013. They cost between $1,800 and $3,800—depending on the type of tower station—and they were manufactured in the United States by Northland Industries Inc., d/b/a Magnum Fitness Systems, Milwaukee, and JHTNA Manufacturing LLC, Milwaukee.

The units were sold to commercial fitness facilities, including health clubs, hotels, apartment complexes and rehabilitation centers. Club operators who have these units are urged to contact Johnson Health Tech and schedule a free repair. The company can be reached at (866) 218-3674 and online at

Johnson Health Tech recalled about 2,800 Matrix Fitness trainers and ellipticals in January.

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