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Since the events of September 11, 2001, Iron Grip Barbell Co. has supported Operation Enduring Freedom by supplying over 130 U.S. military bases and naval ships with American-made Iron Grip free weight equipment. At the request of the US Government, military facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Kabul and Diego Garcia have been outfitted with Iron Grip free weights. In addition, ships such as the USS Tarawa, the USS Camden and the USS Shiloh have chosen Iron Grip's rust-resistant, 12-sided Urethane plates and dumbbells, designed to minimize rolling. In additional news, Iron Grip and Sportworks Inc. have reached a settlement of the lawsuit filed by Iron Grip earlier this year. Iron Grip had filed suit against Sportworks for infringement of its patents relating to weight lifting plates having multiple handgrip openings. As a result of the settlement, Sportworks agreed to entry of a final judgment and the issuance of a permanent injunction enjoining Sportworks, from, among other things, manufacturing or selling any of the alleged infringing products.

Paric Corp. has finished the build out of the Alpha Fitness Center at Granite Park in Plano, TX. The 2,880-square foot fitness center offers members a variety of workout equipment including steppers, treadmills, exercise bicycles, and an array of weight equipment. The space also features locker and shower facilities. Alpha's equipment and programs are designed to provide individuals with a complete workout. Paric said it was able to meet the challenge of converting space which was originally designed for traditional office use into a state-of-the art fitness center and still meet budget.

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