Health Club Equipment and Accessories - January 2009


Rope Climber

With the VMX Multi-Mode Rope Climber, users can easily switch between bi-directional vertical rope pulling, high-row pull and low-row pull. Each mode provides a distinct set of cardio and strength workouts that target the entire body, or enable individual muscle group isolation. In addition to seated workouts, users can exercise standing, effectively engaging their core and lower body. Rope flexibility allows for various gripping techniques that strengthen forearms and grips. Specially designed rope is soft and comfortable for workouts of any duration.
Contact: Marpo Kinetics Inc.; phone: 925-337-4205;

Ab Workout Tool

The Ab Coaster features a patented curved track design that guides the user through an abdominal lift with a full range of motion while promoting core stabilization. The movement is accomplished with virtually no stress to the neck or back, and no hip flexor involvement. The Ab Coaster includes a multi-angle adjustable seat to work obliques, as well as plate-loading posts for added resistance. It puts users in a comfortable kneeling position without having to lie down on the floor or on their backs.
Contact: Ab Coaster LLC; phone: 866-219-5335;

Lit Display Board

The Lights Alive ceiling-mounted light thief offers 360 degrees of illumination for lit displays and message boards. The Lights Alive light thief “steals” existing light from the ceiling fixture. The ceiling-mounted light thief includes two die-molded frames with a black matte finish and with a profile size of 1 1/8 inches by 1/2 an inch. It features side-loading graphics, accommodates an image size of 16 1/4 inches by 20 1/4 inches and contains 2 inches by 4/10 of an inch clear acrylic backer sheets. Floor stands are available in two-, three- and four-sided formats. Slatwall panels can be used for merchandising products or for literature holders. The aluminum frames also can be used for wall-mounted or countertop poster displays.
Contact: Walls + Forms Inc.; phone: 972-745-0800;

Performance Grips

Lynx Performance Grips reinforce grips and protect hands from callous build-up. The grips help clients improve grip control, so they can increase their performance output to the muscle or muscle groups being worked. The grips also reduce forearm tension, hand cramping and slipping. Lynx Performance Grips can be washed with soap and water, and they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee against wear and tear.
Contact: Lynx Performance Technologies; e-mail: [email protected];

Climbing Systems

Brendle Climbing Systems' VertX product is made from steel, stainless steel or aluminum materials. The manufactured modular sections can be powder-coated, made in any color, designed with any laminated image, are reconfigurable, have simple-to-change holds and are easily sanitized. Pre-engineered specifically for each space, the VertX can be moved to evolve and transform. The VertX was designed with both the novice and professional climber in mind.
Contact: Brendle Climbing Systems; phone: 1-877-BRENDLE;

High-Density Foam Roller

Designed for moderate to heavy use, the high-density foam roller from Power Systems is made of molded foam with a smooth surface that is ideal for myofascial release, massage therapy and rehabilitation. The rollers maintain their shape while providing firm support for a number of balance, flexibility and dynamic strength exercises. To fit the needs and abilities of different users, the high-density foam rollers are available in 12- and 36-inch lengths and in 6-inch round or half-round sizes.
Contact: Power Systems; phone: 865-862-7856;

Biometric System

FSS Inc. has a biometric system to replace carrying an ID card when members go to swim, work out or jog. Biometric fingerprint ID technology can simplify the member verification process and help members enter a club without the hassle of carrying, locating or displaying a membership card. It also cuts the costs involved in manufacturing new cards and replacing lost cards, as well as eliminates the fraudulent use of cards by non-members. Club members enroll by placing a finger on the reader. The reading then is converted into a number, so the fingerprint is never stored. Enrollment is typically done at member sign-up.
Contact: FSS Inc.; phone: 814-949-2037;

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