Fort Bragg Gets Functional With Fitness Anywhere


Fort Bragg, Nc — In late April, Fitness Anywhere Inc. (FAI) went to Fort Bragg, NC, for two days to teach more than 100 soldiers and unit fitness leaders from the 82nd Airborne Division how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer. Fort Bragg's Morale, Welfare and Recreation division had recently purchased more than 3,000 units of the suspension trainers.

Ken Taylor and Joe Martin from FAI conducted four three-hour orientations for the soldiers. They taught the attendees how to perform each of the 22 exercises from the TRX Military Fitness Program, a 12-week integrated program of functional strength and cardiovascular training designed to prepare soldiers for the physical demands of military service. The soldiers who attended the training will later train other unit members who are preparing to deploy.

The TRX Suspension Trainer employs the user's body weight to create hundreds of functional exercises. All that is required is an anchor point, such as a door, crossbar, jeep, tank or tree limb that is sturdy enough to support an individual's body weight. The product is lightweight and helps soldiers maintain peak physical condition while deployed in locations that have little or no fitness resources.

Former Navy SEAL squadron commander and CEO of Fitness Anywhere Randy Hetrick created the TRX System while on deployment in remote locations. Hetrick's first designs used parachute materials looped over a beam or tree to allow for basic movements, such as rows and presses. These early prototypes quickly proliferated as fellow SEALs took them on deployments and began discovering new strength exercises and functional movements.

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