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Exterra® represents the newest evolution of group exercise flooring from the same company that has been providing the fitness industry with quality group exercise flooring for more than 30 years. This hardwood system is appropriate for virtually any activity in the group exercise studio, from aerobics, to Pilates, and yoga, to being a perfect multipurpose surface.

The Exterra floor is made up of three components. The top surface is a prefinished solid 7/8 inch beech flooring board coated with multiple coats of polyurethane finish that provides precise traction for performance of the athlete utilizing the floor. These tongue and groove boards are held together with Silver Springs, which allow every board to move independently of every other upon impact on the floor. This provides immediate and precise shock absorption for every athlete on the floor, no matter their weight class or fitness level. This impact is then absorbed and dissipated by a three-layer foam cushioning system that lies below the surface and assures that no participant can “bottom out” the surface.

While the construction of the system is not new to fitness flooring, the components are. Working with multiple sources, Fitness Flooring has been able to greatly improve on its previous systems. The wood surface is virtually flawless, exhibiting fewer knots and streaks, and allowing a more uniform appearance to the floor. Because the drying process of the wood is different from the previous surface, it also does not exhibit the surface cracking that is also common in wood using other types of drying processes. The drying process also makes Exterra less susceptible to damage from moisture than other prefinished beech floors. Additionally, the Silver Spring fasteners are now strengthened and coated with zinc to prevent corrosion that commonly occurs with steel clips.

An Exterra floor is simple to maintain, with only a daily dust mopping and a weekly damp mopping that is typically required. Exterra comes with a five-year warranty.
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