Ab Coaster Files Lawsuit against Icon Health & Fitness


Ab Coaster Holdings Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Icon Health & Fitness Inc. alleging that Icon’s Ab Glider infringes on the intellectual property rights of Ab Coaster, in particular its abdominal exercise machine patents.

Icon’s Ab Glider is sold under its Pro-Form company in retail stores. FreeMotion Fitness is the commercial product arm of Icon Health & Fitness, Logan, UT.

Ab Coaster, Chester, NJ, sells its product in the retail and commercial market.

“We filed this case for a simple reason as it is clear Ab Coaster Holding Inc.’s intellectual property is being knowingly and unfairly exploited,” Sean Gagnon, an officer of Ab Coaster Holdings, said in a release about the lawsuit, Ab Coaster Holdings Inc. v. Icon Health & Fitness Inc. The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey, Newark Division.

Gagnon also said: “In addition to protecting its proprietary rights, Ab Coaster Holdings Inc. seeks to protect its dealers and customers from infringing products that are distributed illegally and in direct competition with authorized products, including the Ab Coaster. Ab Coaster Holdings Inc. values its vast intellectual property rights and will take all necessary actions to vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights and prevent infringers from any activity in violation of its rights in order to protect the goodwill it has built with its dealers and customers.”

A spokesperson for Icon Health & Fitness said the company could not comment on pending litigation.

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