User Friendly or Just More Bells and Whistles?


The June issue is in full swing here. I can hear Stuart making phone calls for his article on sports-specific training for adults, and I know Pam is diligently working on the July issue‘s Top 100 list (a lot of work goes into it each year). I have also begun interviewing manufacturers, experts and clubs for my story on user-friendly cardio equipment, but I‘d like to hear more from you. Do you believe that new cardio equipment is getting more intuitive and easier to use? Or are new features making it more intimidating for new users and the deconditioned market to use? Also, what‘s the coolest and most user friendly feature that you‘ve seen on cardio equipment? Is it virtual personal trainers? Ipod connectivity? Fewer buttons to push? Let me know what you think, and what‘s best for your members and club. --Jennipher

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