Sixtyfive percent of personal trainers are employees of fitness facilities while 27 percent are independent contractors according to a recent study The remaining 8 percent are both employees and independent contractors Photo by Thinkstock
On average personal trainers made less per hour or session in 2013 than they did in 2010 according to a survey of trainers by IDEA Health and Fitness Photo by Pamela Kufahl
Fitness Facility Operators Seek Space for Small Group Training
More experienced trainers often are tempted to move onto studios where they can sometimes find more flexibility and higher pay according to some studio operators Photo by Thinkstock
Even if clubs have the right programming they still may not see an uptick in male participation if the programming is not marketed to appeal to men Photo by Thinkstock
Some club operators have merged their group exercise and personal training departments under one leader Photo from Thinkstock
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