Male athletes tend to prefer male strength coaches and women tend to prefer female personal trainers Club operators need to educate members about the qualifications of their trainers so that gender does not play as large of a role in trainer selection Photo by Thinkstock
Clients who choose a health and fitness program that meshes with the individual circumstances of their lives are more likely to adhere to it as opposed to a regimen mandated by a personal trainer that may make sense for clients39 physical conditions but may not take into account their personal needs and wants Photo by Thinkstock
HIIT Workouts Can Include Precor's AMT
Licensure regulations could lead to enhanced credibility consumer trust and referrals from the medical community some say Others say licensure would severely limit the ability of health club owners to make their own decisions about hiring and training employees Photo by Thinkstock
The personal training penetration rate in clubs is about 3 percent to 5 percent of members according to statistics from IHRSA Photo by Thinkstock
If all of the best trainers are only working with clients then all of the new member consultations will fall on inexperienced employees one consultant says Photo by Thinkstock
Additional workshops or certifications are essential for fitness professionals to diversify their training portfolio and keep pace with competition Photo by Thinkstock